You Know Your Baby is No Longer a Newborn When . . .

Mother and child
You know they won't stay this small forever, but can you pinpoint the moment when they're no longer a newborn?

Maybe it hits you like a brick. Maybe it dawns on you slowly over time

Either way, there will come a moment when you realize your baby is no longer a newborn.

How and when did it occur to you that your baby was no longer a newborn? Chances are, one of these 11 ways will ring true. Check them out:

  • Time Slips Away 1 of 11
    You no longer count your baby's age in hours (!) or weeks, but months.
  • Hello, Goodwill 2 of 11
    You finally give away all those shirts that have special ties to protect the umbilical cord.
  • Graduation Day 3 of 11
    You go up to Size 2 diapers.
  • What Was I Worried About? 4 of 11
    You no longer think about nursing or struggle with it—you just do it.
  • The Whole World Smiles with You 5 of 11
    It's not just gas — your baby is actually smiling at you.
  • Poopy Diapers are No Longer Cute 6 of 11
    'Nough said.
  • Bath Time 7 of 11
    You're no longer scared of bathing your baby, and your baby no longer cries when you do it.
  • Strollerderby 8 of 11
    It no longer takes you an hour to fold or unfold the stroller
  • Germ Guardian 9 of 11
    You stop with the Secret Service-like protection and actually venture into a grocery store—with the baby
  • Car Seat Workout 10 of 11
    You feel like you need Hanz and Franz-like muscles just to carry around your baby in the car seat.
  • Adoring Fans 11 of 11
    People no longer gasp and exclaim, "Oh, what a tiny baby!" Instead they say, "Oh, what a big baby!"

Can you pinpoint the moment when your baby was no longer a newborn?

Baby images: Meredith Carroll

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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