You Might Be a Bad Mom If…

You did what?? OH NO!

There are so many strong opinions on mothers, and about parenting out there today that no matter what you do, someone is going to insert their two cents.

I certainly have become more carefree since having my oldest son.  I am the first to admit I used to be that judgmental mom saying you should do this, and you cant do that if you are a mother.

I think with each child we all become a little bit more carefree, and that is what has really aided in successful breastfeeding this time around as well, but that is a whole other topic in itself!

The more blogs I read, the more parenting magazines I open… the more I realize that we might as well just give all women who choose to become mothers a first class ticket back to 1950 because apparently society thinks we all should be chained to stoves in our home, and if we don’t fit into the mold of the perfect 1950’s housewife, we are automatically a bad mother.

My post today, I delicate to all those who feel that way.

And I write with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, because I couldn’t be anymore sarcastic.

  • Ladies Night… Say Goodbye! 1 of 10
    Of course you can't go out with your lady friends for a couple drinks. That would make you an irresponsible drunk right? WRONG
    It is healthy to maintain time to yourself, your friendships, and get out of the house and do something you enjoy! Even if it is a bar, club, or dinner with alcohol involved!
  • Tattoo Fail! 2 of 10
    If you are a woman with tattoos, sign yourself up for the automatic bad mother club! At least according to most! Incorrecto!
    Tattoos do not make a person, or decide if they will be a fit parent or not.
  • Abandoning Your Kids! 3 of 10
    Going away for a weekend for work? Bet your bottom dollar someone will accuse you of abandoning your children! Fact
    Do you know how many awesome moms are bloggers and social media specialists and head out to weekend conferences all over the country several times a year? They aren't bad mothers at all!
  • From Scratch! 4 of 10
    If you don't cook dinner from scratch every night you fail! And even worse if you actually go out to eat! WRONG!
    As long as your family is healthy, happy, and fed... don't worry about it!
  • Grand Parent Babysitters! 5 of 10
    If your children spend time with, or sleep over their grandparents house you automatically can't handle your children and are lazy... Right? Um... Not quite!
    It is great for your children to build these irreplaceable memories with their grand parents. Because one day, they might not be there anymore!
  • You Wino! 6 of 10
    Enjoy a glass of wine once the kids are in bed, or even with dinner? Clearly you are an alcoholic! FAIL!
    If you were at home with kids all day long, like many of us are, you probably wouldn't stop with one glass!
  • Store Bought? 7 of 10
    You actually bought a Halloween costume, and your children's clothes? Well what good are you! Yes, I have heard that myself!
    I was actually told this once by an elderly "old school" family member. But now in the year 2011, buying stuff in stores is actually pretty much the thing to do!
  • Baby Cage! 8 of 10
    Use a playpen and you are caging your children... and simply too lazy to watch them! Not so much!
    In fact, using a playpen is a safety concern for most, especially if you have hardwood floors like I do in my house! It was someplace I could safely put my children when I had to go to the bathroom, or leave the room for a minute.
  • You Let Him What? 9 of 10
    Fathers aren't supposed to watch their own children! Yes they are!
    They helped create them, they can help raise them, with more than just a paycheck weekly!
  • Focus on your Relationship 10 of 10
    Of course you are a bad mother if you make an effort to spend time with your husband without your children around. Clearly you aren't a real woman right? WRONGO!
    It is important to spend childfree time with your spouse or partner. Your marriage is only as strong and stable as you make it!


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