You Sleep, I Sleep? 10 Ways I Utilize Nap Time

They say “sleep when the baby sleeps”.

And then I go ahead and laugh in their faces. Because seriously, what a joke. Sleep when the baby sleeps? Really? In a perfect world, yes, I would sleep when the baby sleeps. But my world is far from perfection.

Clearly, whoever coined that phrase wasn’t a work at home mom with deadlines waiting to be met. Additionally, I bet that person didn’t have 4 kids under the age of 7, one of which is only 4 months old. And I’m guessing that person wasn’t a scatterbrained overachiever with a type A personality.

While I love hanging out with Paul all day long, I cannot deny that I really do look forward to his nap time. In fact, I will mourn the day he drops his morning nap.

Because when it’s Paul’s nap time, I become a flurry of activity. And while my activities aren’t always the most productive, I very much look forward to the time none the less.

Top 10 Ways I Utilize Nap Time:

  • Personal Hygiene 1 of 10
    Personal Hygiene
    Ok, so I *might* not draw myself a bubble bath, but I do try to get in a quick shower almost every day.
  • Work (from home) 2 of 10
    Work (from home)
    As a work from home mom, naptime is also know as "mommy work time" at our house. I crack open the laptop, and get typing as fast as my two hands will allow.
  • Get a Caffeine Kick 3 of 10
    Get a Caffeine Kick
    Since drinking hot beverages while holding a baby is frowned upon, it usually takes getting the baby to sleep before I get to sip my morning coffee (in my favorite Boston Terrier mug).
  • Tidy the Chaos 4 of 10
    Tidy the Chaos
    While I typically make the kids do this themselves, I often end up picking up messes that were made while I was caring for the baby.
  • Curl Up and Crash 5 of 10
    Curl Up and Crash
    Sometimes, no matter how long my to-do list is, when the baby is finally down for a nap, I curl back up in bed as well. I have no shame about this.
  • Wash and Fold 6 of 10
    Wash and Fold
    With six people living under one roof, two in cloth diapers, I do endless loads of laundry. Laundry, laundry, laundry, every waking second of my day.
  • Prep Meals 7 of 10
    Prep Meals
    I'm a meal planner, so when baby sleeps, I often break out the pots and pans and prep for dinner.
  • Clean out the Inbox 8 of 10
    Clean out the Inbox
    I save mindless activities like cleaning out my spam folder and inbox for those very moments where I'm so sleep deprived I can't even see straight.
  • Read a Quick Chapter 9 of 10
    Read a Quick Chapter
    I love a good book, and try to read at least one chapter a day. Nap time is the perfect occasion to reward myself with a few pages.
  • Catch Up on My Favorite Blogs 10 of 10
    Catch Up on My Favorite Blogs
    I would be lying if I didn't mention it, but I oftentimes find myself zoning out and reading blogs the entire time my baby sleeps.

So how do you spend nap time every day (assuming your baby naps, I’ve heard horror stories about sleepless babies)? I bet you sleep when the baby sleeps, right?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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