The Sound of an Umbilical Cord (and Other Misconceptions)

newborn baby, due date
What's an umbilical cord?

Young Britons, it would seem, could use a primer on the facts of life. Sure, most of the 18- to 25-year-olds surveyed likely knew how babies were made. As for some of the other pregnancy, birth and financial details, a surprising number of the young’uns didn’t have a clue.

Take for example the duration of a typical pregnancy. Nine months, right? At least one-fifth of those surveyed thought it lasted longer.

For an entire year! (Mercifully, mercifully no.)

Ten percent of them thought that eating red meat during pregnancy would influence the sex of the baby. (So, they didn’t know that pretty much got settled upon conception? Oh, my.) The same number also thought what over-achieving parents everywhere hope for: that all babies can walk and talk by their first birthdays.

The 2,000 young adults were surveyed as a part of a promotion for the newly released RomCom, Life as We Know It. (Was the survey called Life as We Guess It?)

More gems:

20 percent thought the umbilical cord was a music note.

27 percent thought, sure, they’d go for genetic engineering to ensure a cute baby (Don’t they know that they’re all cute! And when not, no one says anything.)

And more than a quarter of the women are ready for post-partum plastic surgery.

Kids these days! What are you gonna do.

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