Your Baby Doesn't Look Like You: Take Two

Nearly six months ago, I wrote this post lamenting the fact that no one in the world thought that Tate looked like me. With the combination of postpartum hormones and extreme exhaustion it felt completely heart breaking. I am not too proud to admit I shed a tear or two about it. I can’t explain why it felt so important, I just know that it did.

Many of you commented that you had the very same situation, and for some of you it changed over time and for some it never changed. I was even sent a NY Times article claiming that all babies look more like their dads at birth as an evolutionarily designed sign of paternity, which did make me feel marginally better.

I waited patiently for him to grow and change and show more signs of my genetic content. In the last six months, he has definitely grown and changed. He now has traits that I recognize as my own. Many of his facial expressions resemble mine, including his smile. But when we go out as a family, I am constantly reminded that everyone else sees that he still looks just like Steve. I decided to compare baby photos to prove to myself that he does look like me (even if I am the only one who sees it).

Check out the comparisons:

  • Tate and Me at the Hospital 1 of 5
    Tate and Me at the Hospital
    On our second day at the hospital, a new nurse old me that Tate did not look like me, not even his nose, and left the room without another word.
  • Tate and Steve at the Hospital 2 of 5
    Tate and Steve at the Hospital
    Friends and family could not get over how much Tate looked like his Dad.
  • Family Picture 2 1/2 Months 3 of 5
    Family Picture 2 1/2 Months
    We had this picture taken just before we moved to Texas. When people see it, they almost always comment on how much he looks like Steve.
  • Mom vs. Tate 4 of 5
    Mom vs. Tate
    I am 7 months in this picture, and Tate is almost 6 months. When I compared the two, I was excited to see some similarities in our smiles and noses.

    I started to think that Tate looked like me after all. Until I took the next picture....
  • Dad vs. Tate 5 of 5
    Dad vs. Tate
    I was taking a few snap shots of Tate in action and I caught this shot. I could not believe how much he looked like Steve in his seven month old photo. It's uncanny. So, I have to give this round to my husband.

Did your babies look more like you or their father when they were born? Did it change over time? I would love to hear about it!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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