Your Babys Weapon of Choice: Thumb or Pacifier?

baby girl
There's a thumb in there. Somewhere.

Peony, my clever and adorable nearly-4-month-old, has found her thumb. Well, she’s actually found her fist, and somewhere in the ball of chub that is her hand lays her thumb, which I think is a good thing. But mostly I’m kind of still on the fence.

She’s a big fan of her pacifier (all 19 of the them—if you have a baby who likes a pacifier, you’ll understand why we have bushels of them at the ready). Such a big fan, in fact, that we all suffer when it drops from her mouth.

Which is why it’s kind of delightful that she’s been shoving her hand in her mouth more frequently as of late. But that’s got me thinking — when it’s time to stop sucking, it’s a lot easier to take away a pacifier than a thumb.

So do I encourage the self-soothing or keep sticking the pacifier back in her mouth (over and over and over — six times in the last 28 seconds alone!)?

My older daughter liked a pacifier just fine, but she didn’t live and die by it. When she was 8- or 10-months-old we took it away and she never noticed.

I’m thinking that will not be the case with Peony. I’m totally fine with the sucking, particularly knowing how it can help prevent SIDS. But I’ve seen other moms do epic battles with their kids when it’s time to say buh-bye to the binky. It’d be nice to avoid that.

I feel like we’re at a crossroads. Do I nudge her more towards her hand, or do I keep on keeping on with the pacifier?

What say you thumb or pacifier? Which does your baby prefer?

Image: Meredith Carroll

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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