Your Beautiful Baby: 23 Binkies And The Babies Who Love Them

baby pacifier photos Welcome to the first installment of Your Beautiful Baby here on Baby’s First Year!

Your Beautiful Baby will feature a monthly roundup of adorable photos of — you guessed it — your beautiful babies!

This month, I asked my Facebook fans to submit photos of their binky lovin’ babies. Does your baby love his or her pacifier?

Check out this absolutely adorable gallery featuring some truly sweet and hilarious photos of babies with binkines!

  • Blue Eyes, Great Hair, Beloved Bink 1 of 23
    Blue Eyes, Great Hair, Beloved Bink
    "Just over a year old, loves that bink still!"

    Contributed by Ali H.
  • So Cute It’s Scary! 2 of 23
    So Cute It's Scary!
    "This is the only binky Chloe would keep in her mouth for more than a few seconds."

    Contributed by Tanya H.
  • Perspective 3 of 23
    "He was preemie and it was as big as his face!"

    Contributed by Shelby D.
  • It’s Binky Time 4 of 23
    It's Binky Time
    "Logan Riley enjoying his binky!"

    Contributed by Katie M.
  • Pacifier Bonding Time 5 of 23
    Pacifier Bonding Time
    "My binky babies!"

    Contributed by Nicole Y.
  • I Can See You! 6 of 23
    I Can See You!
    "Ethan at 1 year old."

    Contributed by Becky W.
  • Snuggled With The Pacifier 7 of 23
    Snuggled With The Pacifier
    Hudson resting and enjoying some pacifier time!

    Contributed by Abby P.
  • Bedtime Binky 8 of 23
    Bedtime Binky
    "Emily only really takes a binky when she is tired. This is one of my fav pics of her hanging out in our bed before bedtime."

    Contributed by Adrienne L.
  • Wasted! 9 of 23
    "He just could not stay awake!"

    Contributed by Tiffany I.
  • Pretty In Pink 10 of 23
    Pretty In Pink
    "Our Pretty Little Girl!"

    Contributed by Tiffany S.
  • Thoughtful 11 of 23
    "This is R.J.!"

    Contributed by Angela K.
  • What A Cutie 12 of 23
    What A Cutie
    "Xander with his paci."

    Contributed by Randi F.
  • Enjoying The Hospital Standard Issue 13 of 23
    Enjoying The Hospital Standard Issue
    "This is my little Mason, he's now 9 mos. and not longer takes the binky (he now prefers a thumb)."

    Contributed by Ashley T.
  • Pacifier Snooze 14 of 23
    Pacifier Snooze
    Nothing cuter than a baby passed out with their pacifier!

    Contributed by Brandee M.
  • Strike A Pose 15 of 23
    Strike A Pose
    "This is Eloise. She LOVES her bink!"

    Contributed by Deborah R.
  • Partial To The Paci 16 of 23
    Partial To The Paci
    "Emma has loved her paci from day 1!"

    Contributed by Elizabeth C.
  • Crafting With Mommy 17 of 23
    Crafting With Mommy
    "Aiden at 3 months. I put him next to me so he could watch me work on a craft project but he fell asleep instead."

    Contributed by Erma B.
  • Playing Outside Is Exhausting! 18 of 23
    Playing Outside Is Exhausting!
    "Dillon asleep on the grass with his favorite binky."

    Contributed by Jennifer S.
  • Meyer Hanging Out 19 of 23
    Meyer Hanging Out
    "Meyer at 1 month! He'll be 2 months next week!"

    Contributed by Monica S.
  • Discerning Taste 20 of 23
    Discerning Taste
    "Evan at 2 weeks. He won't take a pacifier now, but that's fine. He wouldn't breastfeed in the beginning. I say it's a fair trade."

    Contributed by Rachel G.
  • Monkeys Love Binkies 21 of 23
    Monkeys Love Binkies
    How cute is this little guy with the monkey theme?

    Contributed by Serena B.
  • Binky Outdoors 22 of 23
    Binky Outdoors
    "Gavin at 1 year."

    Contributed by Taylor R.
  • Angelic 23 of 23
    A sweet baby with her pacifier.

    Contributed by Amy T. Want to submit a photo for next month's Your Beautiful Baby? Be sure to join me on Facebook, and keep your eyes peeled for next month's theme!

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