Your Facebook Feed Just Got More Annoying With Your Friend’s Automatically Updating Baby Scale

You know that guy that clogs up your facebook newsfeed with his music playlist, how many miles he ran this morning and his current weight?

Well, that guy just had a baby and now you are going to get automatic updates about his baby’s weight as well.

Are you excited???

Me neither.

Thanks to the new Withings Smart Baby Scale, the first ever wi-fi enabled baby/toddler scale that comes with a companion app you can set to automatically update facebook and twitter with your baby’s stats, this is our new reality.

Obviously, I am not one to talk about the annoyingness of oversharing. I share pretty much everything about my three-year-old daughter and my newborn baby girl online. Did I mention that we are potty training Mazzy this week? Or that Harlow spit-up on the shoulder of my favorite shirt?

But at least I try to turn the facts about my children into anecdotes that are somewhat entertaining. Straight up weight statistics are interesting to who exactly? Your actuary and your accountant?

What’s next? A potty that measures the exact amount of pee and updates your feed automatically in ounces? A diaper pail that alerts your friends and family when it’s full?

The Smart Baby Scale can also be used to send weight statistics directly to your baby’s pediatrician. I’m not sure what need this solves. Most pediatricians probably think parents contact them enough. And obviously, a weight update shouldn’t substitute an actual in-house visit.

Also, I can’t imagine most parents have the space for this newest high-tech baby offering. The size and shape of the scale (low profile, big footprint) seems pretty inconvenient to be sitting on your bathroom countertop.

Why can’t people just weigh their babies the old-fashioned way? Weigh yourself with and without your child and then subtract!

Still, the Smart Baby Scale won a CES award last week for design and engineering, so somebody is bound to get one.

I just hope it’s nobody I know.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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