You're Welcome: Cute Babies and Animals

It’s been a long week for me. I am ever so grateful that it is Friday! And I figured the best way to celebrate the end of the work week is with some ridiculous make-your-teeth-hurt-they’re-so-sweet pictures of babies and animals.

Need a pick me up too? After the jump check out these super-adorable photos! (And keep an eye out for a little baby + animal cameo by yours truly)

  • Monkey love 1 of 9
    Monkey love
    Go ahead and admit, at some point in your life you wanted a monkey! And thanks to this photo, I know what a baby hugging monkey.
  • Wrinkles, Oh My 2 of 9
    Wrinkles, Oh My
    The only thing that even holds a candle to fat babies are fat puppies. Put them both together and honestly, I'm a little shocked the internet didn't implode.
  • Orangutans: I want one. 3 of 9
    Orangutans: I want one.
    Maybe instead of having a third child one day, we'll just bring home an orangutan.
  • Here Piggy Piggy 4 of 9
    Here Piggy Piggy
    Which would freak you out more? Watching your kid eat something off the floor or watching them french kiss a pig?
  • Just Stop 5 of 9
    Just Stop
  • Puppies make great teething toys… 6 of 9
    Puppies make great teething toys...
    Or so thinks this adorable little lady.
  • Giant dog, Tiny child 7 of 9
    Giant dog, Tiny child
    And the dog's arm is around the little baby. This is the definition of cute in the dictionary
  • Run Kitty 8 of 9
    Run Kitty
    Babies are sweet, but they're not known for being the gentlest of humans. Can't blame this little kitten for running.
  • Kitty in a headlock 9 of 9
    Kitty in a headlock
    Do you know who this little lady is? Why, it's ME! See, I told you that kitten was justified in running!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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