Zombie Mommy: My Halloween Costume That’s Not Really a Costume

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Today is Halloween, Fern’s very first, while Fern will be heading out as an adorable little pink and grey elephant, I will be masquerading as a zombie. Unfortunately my costume isn’t quite as cute and even more unfortunately it’s real-life and not a costume.

Fern is experiencing her first ear infection on top of teething – at least I’m pretty sure it’s an ear infection, though we haven’t gone to the doctor’s to confirm since they would just give her antibiotics which I’m trying to hold off on for as long as possible. We’re treating the ear infection at home and it seems to be getting a bit better, but the sleep situation over here is out of control bad. Last night I lost track of how many times I got up at around ten and this morning I have the under eye bags to prove it (hence the reason why you got this cute little illustration for the main photo instead of a picture of me in my zombie-ness, because it really is that frightening).

I actually started googling how long a person can go without sleep before dying. The general consensus is that it would be somewhere around 8-10 days, so the good news is that I probably have a solid two days left before I expire (it’s been nice knowing you).


We ditched the floor bed for the week and brought in the pack n’ play, because Fern was so fussy and grumpy and was waking up every five seconds and crawling out of bed to bang on the door so this helped. We’ve also been giving her a cocktail of mullein garlic ear drops, camilia¬†for teething pain, vitamin D drops to boost immune function, breast milk in the ear (because it really couldn’t hurt and I swear breast milk helps everything!) and hot compresses on her ear.

We haven’t given her ibuprofen, because we’re not keen on medicating, but I’m considering it to help her sleep and ease her discomfort. The thing is though, she seems perfectly fine during the day, but then flips a switch at night, so I’m not really sure what is causing this. I feel like if it really were the ear and teething pain bothering her it would probably bug her throughout the day, right? Whatever the case, I’m hoping we can figure it out soon and find the cure to our lack of sleep, because the zombie look really isn’t a good one for any of us.

Have any of you experienced this? Is it normal for discomfort to bother babies more during the night?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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