10 Awesome Last Minute DIY Gifts For Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready? I’ve found 10 really great DIY gifts that Moms will really love. There are many reasons to make a gift for Mom this year. 1) If your family is on a tight budget, these gifts will ensure that Mother’s Day is a special occasion without costing a lot of money. 2) A homemade gift is from the heart and mothers love them. 3) You can customize any of these recipes by changing the scents or creating unique packaging. 4) Time is running out and you can whip these up quickly with items that are readily available. 5) Kids can help! Let them mix, measure and stir up a heartfelt present.

Crafty ladies: your own mothers will appreciate the pampering quality of these thoughtful beauty gifts. But I’ll be honest; I want your husband to make these gifts for you because it would surprise and delight you, wouldn’t it?

Kind gentlemen: you will definitely score points with your baby momma if you take the time to create some of these awesome pampering treats. Make giving her time to use the product part of the gift. Heck, make several of these items and let her have an at-home spa day.

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  • Massage Oil 2 of 11

    Who doesn't like a massage? Whip up some of this all-natural massage oil with essential oils and then give her tired feet the ol' reflexology treatment after the kids go to bed. Who knows, a full-body rubdown might lead to a treat for you, too, Dads. P.S. Presenting this gift in a vintage perfume bottle from a thrift store is genius.

    Get the recipe for this romantic massage oil on Blah Blah Magazine.


  • Hair Mask 3 of 11

    There are lots of DIY hair masks on the internet, some with very basic ingredients you probably already have in your home. I choose this recipe for "CSL" hair mask because the ingredients coconut oil, sunflower oil and lavender sound like an amazing aromatherapy experience. Mix it up and let her enjoy a salon treatment at home.

    The tutorial is available on Brittney Blum.


  • Bath Salts 4 of 11

    Bath salts are a snap to make and are fantastic for detoxifying soak. Mix up a batch and then draw a bath, light some candles, and stash her favorite magazine by the tub.

    The tutorial on The Ellie Blog shows you how to make either relaxing or revitalizing bath salts and includes a free printable label.


  • Hand Scrub 5 of 11

    Does the mom in your life garden, cook, do hair (heh heh)? This hand scrub sounds delicious and would be a great gift for any Mom who works with her hands.

    This Lemon Hand Scrub made with sugar is found on The Crafty Scientist.


  • Lip Gloss Stain 6 of 11

    I had no idea that you can make a sweet tasting, long lasting lip gloss with just two simple ingredients.  Small containers can be found at your local craft or dollar store.

    Get the how-to on Just Love Ly.


  • Foot Scrub 7 of 11

    Sandal season is coming, making this the perfect time of year to gift a sweet-smelling foot scrub. For bonus points, apply the scrub for her. (Hey, don't forget Father's Day is coming soon...)

    This refreshing Peppermint Foot Scrub is found on The Idea Room.


  • Bath Bombs 8 of 11

    If you want to take the bath idea a step further, how about making some fun bath bombs. Kids will love to help make these mini science experiments and will surely want to keep a few for their own bath times. A happy mom and a child looking forward to their next bath? It's a win-win.

    Learn how to create bath bombs at Idle Wife.

  • Body Spray 9 of 11

    What I don't like about commercial body sprays is that they tend to smell synthetic. On the other hand, an all-natural concoction made with essential oils sounds amazing.

    The recipe can be found on Thank Your Body.


  • Makeup Brush Box 10 of 11

    If you think the Mom in your life would like a more long-lasting gift, a DIY make up brush box would be a lovely idea. All of the materials can be found at your local craft store and kids will have fun helping to create this pretty gift.

    Get the tutorial at Smart School House.


  • Sea Salt Body Scrub 11 of 11

    For a heavier exfoliation, try a sea salt scrub. I also prefer sea salt to sugar because it's less sticky.

    This delicious citrus sea salt scrub can be found at My Faere Lady.


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