10 More Affordable Alternatives to the Clarisonic Skin Brush (All Under $75!)

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By now, most people have heard about Clarisonic cleansing brushes. While they still seem to be the dominating the market and the company claims they are superior due to high oscillation speeds, they are pretty pricey. However, there are a lot of great quality, well-reviewed options that are a bit more affordable. This post aims to introduce you to some of the alternatives.

All skin cleansing brushes boast the same claims. Regular use improves tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness. They work by gently exfoliating as you cleanse, allowing for a deeper clean, are more efficient makeup removal, and improve blood flow to the skin. Because skin is cleaner, medications and products you apply after their use are more effective due to the fact that they are able to penetrate more deeply. In a two-week study that Lancome conducted using the Clarisonic brand, 50 women used a skin brush on one half of their face. All of the participants saw smaller pores and brighter skin on the side that was cleansed with the brush.

Some people experience breakouts after adding a skin brush to their routine. According to dermatologists, this is fairly common and should clear up in a couple weeks as dead skin cells are removed. In fact, skin brushes should improve acne over time and reduce blackheads and pore size.

Look for a skin cleansing brush with soft bristles to gently remove impurities and stick to using it no more than once a day. Overusing skin brushes can lead to redness and irritation. It is also advised to not use them with other manual or chemical exfoliants. Keep skin brushes clean my washing them with soap and water and periodically soaking them in rubbing alcohol to destroy bacteria.

I’ve included both electric and manual skin cleansing brushes in this product roundup. I compare these the way I would with toothbrushes. An electric version is best, but manual gets the job done and is still much better than doing nothing!

Check out the roundup below for 10 skin cleansing brushes for more radiant skin.

1. Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush

Gently rub this manual skin brush in circular motions on face and neck to deeply clean and tone skin without a motor. No batteries required!

Available now at Dermalogica for $18

2. Skin Authority Skin Cleansing System

I own this electric skin brush set and I love it. It’s gentle but thorough, has two speeds and two rotating modes, and comes with 3 heads for daily cleansing, exfoliation, and target zones like around the nose.

Available now from Skin Authority for $59.00

3. Proactiv Skin Cleansing Brush

This highly rated cleansing product has two speeds and is specifically designed for acne prone skin.

Available now on Amazon for $37.95

4. Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion and Advanced Cleansing System

This electric cleansing system comes with a skin brush for daily cleansing and a foam microdermabrasion head that can be used twice a week.

Available now on Amazon for $24.04

5. L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

This unique cleanser comes with a small soft, flexible plastic brush called a “scrublet.” The brush fits into the bottle and comes with a suction cup for easy clean up.

Available now on Amazon for $4.15

6. Bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting System

While not a true alternative to a skin cleansing brush, this unique tool uses similar technology for a perfect pout! This electric brush is used with the included scrub to exfoliate lips.

Available now on Amazon for $48.00

7. Spa Sonic Skin Care System

This waterproof electric option comes with a facial cleansing brush, microdermabrasion, body brush, and pumice stone attachments.

Available now on Amazon for $45.03

8. Shiseido Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush

Another manual option, this soft exfoliating brush comes with a cap to protect the bristles when it’s not in use.

Available now on Amazon for $20

9. Dermabrush Advanced Cleansing System

This system comes with four heads: face brush, body brush, sponge, and pumice stones for feet making it a full body treatment device.

Available now on Amazon for $23.84

10. MenScience Face Buff Brush

While men can definitely use any of these skin cleansing options, this manual brush is designed specifically for them and comes only in masculine black.

Available now on Amazon for $16

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