10 Hair Problems Every Woman Has

 We all have hair problems. Regardless of your hair type, texture, or in my case personality (my hair has multiple personalities), there are some universal truths about our hair.  Here’s a list of 10 hair problems that every woman has experienced at one time or another:

1. Frizz

It just happens. It doesn’t matter what product you use — its inevitable. I’ve just learned to embrace it.

2. Finding the Right Products

There are hundreds of hair products. Anyone would feel a little lost when it comes to the abundance of shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays and gels. Don’t you just wish you had a hair product personal shopper?

3. Hair Envy

Every woman has sat back at one time or another and said “I wish I had her hair”.  For me, that woman was Tracee Ellis Ross.  I love her luscious locks. She’s one of the reasons I decided to go natural in the first place.

4. Finding a Trusted Stylist

Your stylist is the only person you can trust with scissors when it comes to your hair.  But it goes deeper than that — you’re stylist is your therapist. She always listens to every problem big or small, and gives the best relationship advice.

5. Perfecting the At-Home Blow Out

I, personally, don’t believe in the at-home blow out. As far as I’m concerned, they do not exist. I have never been able to perfect them, and I know I’m not alone, either.  No matter what products or tools I use,  I always end up with a powder puff instead of sleek, smooth hair.

6. When Your Hair Stops Growing

My hair reaches my shoulder blades and has never grown past.  What’s up with that? After years of this happening, it’s easy to assume that your hair stops growing when it reaches that certain point. The truth is that your hair maybe growing at the same rate that it’s breaking. This gives the appearance of stunted hair growth. You can read more about it, here.

7. Split Ends

We ALL fall victim to split ends.  It doesn’t matter how well you care for your hair, it just happens.  Read 12 Ways To Treat and Prevent Split Ends.

8. You Constantly Are Losing Your Hair Pins

The disappearance of hair pins is a great mystery.  Your supply of 100 hair or bobby pins gradually dwindles to 10 in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I think my hair is eating them…

9. Skipping a Wash Day to Save a Fresh Manicure

Ok, maybe this one is just me.  I will skip washing my hair on a day  I just got a manicure.  What’s one more day of dirty hair when it comes to saving a fresh coat of nail polish?

10. Washing and Styling Your Hair Can Take Forever

Wash day can easily turn into an all-day event.  Its not the shampooing and conditioning that’s time consuming, but the drying. Blow drying can take any where from 30 to 60 mins in my case.  But, the real time consuming part? You still have to style your hair after that!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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