10 Pretty Party Nails for this Holiday Season

It’s time to remove your Halloween nail art that’s probably chipping by now anyway and prepare your fingers for all the fabulous upcoming parties you’ll be attending in the coming months!

The holiday season calls for pretty party nails in deep, warm, rich hues, glittered, bejeweled and embellished with silver and gold sparkles and all things festive, and I just love it! Hold your champagne flutes and eggnog cups in style this year with pretty nails to match your pretty party dresses. Here are ten magically pretty and festive party nails {from my own nail art archive} to inspire your manicures for this coming holiday season.

  • 10 Pretty Party Manicures 1 of 11

    Flip through these Pretty and Festive Party Nails manicures for this Holiday Season to inspired your own nail art.

  • Galaxy Nails 2 of 11

    A bit edgy but oh so festive, these Galaxy Nails are not only cool but will add a little extra spark to your fingertips! Not only that, they're simple to do!

  • Trails of Gold 3 of 11

    Originally created for St. Patrick's Day,  replicate this  Pretty Bejeweled Trail of Gold Manicure in any color combo with any jewel tones. Think purples and greens for this party season.

  • A Hint of Disco 4 of 11

    I love using nudes and metallics together, but for the holidays, replicate this manicure in deep, warm, rich hues to create these fun, '70s disco inspired Metallic Striped Nails.

  • Faux Diamond Tips 5 of 11

    Chunky glitter polish was just about the best thing invented for beauty and nail art enthusiasts! Though it can be a task in a half to remove, it can create really fun manicures like these Faux Diamond Tips

  • Edged in Silver {or Gold!} 6 of 11

    This Silver Edged Nails manicure was originally inspired by the Chanel 2012 catwalk but done in any rich holiday colors makes it pop for parties this season. And it's easier than you think!

  • Glitter and Velvet 7 of 11

    Learn how to make your own glitter nail polish and add soft, textured velvety tips with this Glitter Nails with Velvet Tips tutorial.  {PSST! It's Eyeshadow!} Textures are fun for holiday parties!

  • Bejeweled 8 of 11

    I LOVE this pretty Bejeweled Teal Nails manicure. With a hint of Jasmine from the movie Aladdin, it is perfect for any party this holiday season. Use any colors to create your favorite look.

  • Chunky Glitter Stripe 9 of 11

    By FAR and still to this day, my favorite party manicure! These Chunky Glitter Stripe nails are so easy to do but add such a pretty twinkle to your fingers. They're fabulous in any color combo, but I always go dark for the holiday season. You can't go wrong with this one!

  • Abstract 10 of 11

    With a hint of '80s and a dash of abstract art, this Black, Silver, Blue Manicure  can be created in any color combo, but I love the black, silver, and blue glitter effect for any party.

  • Glitter Moons 11 of 11

    The Backwards Glitter French Tip is always a pretty party show stopper! I used glitter glue to make this manicure nice and easy!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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