10 Products You Didn’t Know Your Hair Needed

Over time various factors such as hard water, regular maintenance, and product build-up can weigh down on your hair, causing wear and tear.  Here’s a list of products that will detox and preserve your hair.

  • Chelating Shampoo 1 of 10

    A Chelating Shampoo is a shampoo that removes minerals that can accumulate on the hair over time due to hard water. These shampoos can be somewhat harsh on hair; monthly or less frequent use will soften hair and remove all hard water build-up.

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar 2 of 10

    Apple Cider Vinegar has a multitude of uses. It can do wonders for the hair as a clarifier, conditioning treatment, detangler and the list goes on. Read 10 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

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  • Clarifying Shampoo 3 of 10

    A clarifying shampoo is a great way to remove debris, product build-up, and minerals such as chlorine (for swimmers) that are left behind by regular shampoos. Like chelating shampoos they can be harsh but monthly use can benefit your hair when followed with a deep conditioner.

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  • Balancing Conditioner 4 of 10

    If you use a clarifying shampoo or high protein hair product, a balancing conditioner is a must. It does exactly what the name implies. It restores balance of pH and in some cases the moisture-protein balance of your hair.

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  • Deep Conditioner 5 of 10

    There has been an online debate about the necessity of deep conditioners. The truth is deep conditioners when used as directed can retroactively prevent damage or in some cases repair damage. If you have color-treated hair, natural hair or live in an extreme climate a deep conditioner is very beneficial in preventing hair damage.

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  • Coconut Oil 6 of 10
  • Creamy Cleanser 7 of 10

    Creamy Cleansers are gentle cleansers perfect for all hair types but especially beneficial to color-treated, damaged, or textured hair. Check our list of 7 Creamy Cleansers.

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  • Satin Pillow Case 8 of 10

    Satin allows the hair to glide across it, minimizing breakage and the worst case of bed head.  Its one of those beauty items that you shouldn't live without. 

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  • Bentonite Clay 9 of 10

    Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment can be used as a clarifying treatment that removes hard metals from your hair and skin.  It is an ancient beauty secret that can be used from head to toe.  Wellness Mama describes at least 12 ways you can use bentonite clay

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  • Microfiber Towel 10 of 10

    Microfiber Towels are great way to decrease hair drying time with minimal frizz. Check out these other 10 Tools that Decrease Hair Drying Time.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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