10 Rules Every Curly Girl Should Live By

10 Rules Every Curly Girl Should Live By for Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair

The Curly Girl movement has come a long way.  There are more products, information and even websites like my blog for embracing your curls. From one curly to another here are some things your should put into play for your beautiful curls.

  • Embrace Your Curls, Don’t Fight Them 1 of 9
    Embrace Love Your Curls-1-580x386

    I promise, your life will be easier.  You'll be able to go out in the rain. Jump in the pool when you want. I won't even mention the time and hair you will save by forgoing hair heat appliances every day.

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  • Ditch That Shampoo 2 of 9

    Conditioner is the main staple of the Curly Girl Method.  Author of Curly Girl: The Handbook, Lorraine Massey recommends ditching your shampoo or at least your sulfate shampoos. Opt for washing with conditioner or co-wash to hydrate curls. Shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo as needed. 

  • No Cones 3 of 9
    DevaCurl Product

    Choose silicone-free styling products.  These products allow your hair to breathe and absorb moisture without creating product build up. 

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  • Detangle When Wet & Saturated With Conditioner 4 of 9
    Curl Hair Tips 5

    Detangling dry hair leads to frustration, breakage, and tears.  Jump in the shower and apply your favorite conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to tackle any tangle and define curls.

  • Put the Brush Away 5 of 9

    Unless you want a bird's nest on top of your head put the bristle brush down.  There are curl defining and detangling brushes that work perfectly for curly/textured hair.

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  • T-Shirts, The New Towel 6 of 9
    Swap Towel To T-shirt

     Towels can ruffle hair shaft causing unnecessary frizz.  Ring as much water out by hand. 

    Follow-up by scrunching hair with t-shirt instead of towel.  But some curly ladies only use paper towels for drying their curls. 

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  • Get You A Diffuser 7 of 9

    Yes, I said "Get You A Diffuser". I know that's grammatical incorrect but the emphasis is needed.

    Diffuse hair partially to avoid frizz or let completely air dry.

  • Don’t Touch It 8 of 9
    Natural Hair Rules Wash N Go

    Until its dry. Keep your hands out of your hair until your curls completely dry.  This allows the hair to set as is. 

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  • Sleep On Silk 9 of 9

    A silk or satin pillowcases allow the hair to naturally glide across the fabric decreasing tangling, and therefore less breakage and damage; reducing frizz. 

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