9 Short Hairstyle Tutorials Inspired by Julianne Hough

I love Julianne Hough. There’s just a sweet and endearing quality about her that makes me feel like we’re friends. Ha … in my dreams, right? Well when Jules (I can call her that, right) chopped off her long locks, I was devastated; she had the most gorgeous beach blonde hair. I’ve been happily surprised with how much I love her short style, and when I see those older photos of her with the long locks, it just doesn’t seem right.

I love that Julianne is still styling her hair. Having short hair hasn’t stopped her from rocking braids and gorgeous updos. I’ve compiled my favorite 9 hairstyles that Julianne has worn over the past year or two and I’ve either left a video tutorial link to the style or included step-by-steps instructions to achieve the do. I hope you like it!

  • The Art of Elysium Gala 1 of 9

    This style looks much more complicated than it is. It's simply a regular French braid that starts at her side part and wraps around her head.  The French braid looks so unique, because the strands have been pulled on creating great texture and volume.

    1) You'll start out by creating a deep side part. Go ahead and French braid from your part to across the top of your head and then following your hair line and angling back around to the nape of your neck. When you run out of ends, hold the braid with your non-dominant hand.

    2) Take your fingers from your dominant hand and gently pull out or pancake those strands. This is what's going to give you that fancy look. If you'd like to see a video of me doing this, check out my video on Instagram @twistmepretty. Pretty much the best kept braiding trick!

    3) Now secure the ends of the braid with bobby pins. Honestly, there's no right way to finish off this braid — whatever you find is easiest.

    4) Braid the other side of your hair back and down until it meets with your first braid. Go ahead and cover the pins from the first braid with your new braid.

    5) Discreetly secure with more pins. This is going to create a braided halo. And yes, it's totally doable with short hair!

    6) Make sure to finish off with Kenra Volume Spray | $14

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  • Rock of Ages European Premiere 2 of 9

    This style is all about the volume and texture, so you'll need to start this style off with messy hair. 2nd or 3rd day hair makes for the prettiest styles! Make sure to spray it all over with dry shampoo to give it a good texture. My favorite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo | $9

    1) You'll put on a thin elastic headband. Pull the band a little further back, and then push it forward so that it bubbles the hair near your forehead.

    2) Next, you're going to tease behind the band. I like this brush: Phillips 3 Row Teasing Brush | $6

    3) Then, using a light hand, you're going to pull the rest of the hair back into a large messy bun and secure the hair with bobby pins. This is where you're going to need to use that creativity. Throw small sections up and pin. Make sure you have a mirror in front of you and behind you so that you can see what's going on in the back without having to let go of your hair. Just pin the hair until you get the shape you want!

    4) Finish with the Kenra Volume Spray | $14

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  • The Trevor Project Arrivals 3 of 9

    Scouring the best of YouTube, I found a great tutorial for you from HairGirl247. Enjoy!


    In case you're not one for videos, here are some quick steps. Make sure to start with a heat protectant and frizz serum.

    1) Curl your hair with a 1" wand or curling iron. You're going to curl towards your face.

    2) Spray and let the curls sit for five minutes.

    3) Then take your fingers and lightly finger through the curls

    4) Finish with Kenra Volume Spray | $14

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  • 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 4 of 9

    This is my favorite style! It's so chic and feminine. I found this video, and it's ahhh-mazing. It's really difficult to explain, so just watch the video. Julianne has this awesome fauxhawk goin' on in the back that you'll want to see!

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  • Punk Chaos to Couture Gala 5 of 9

    When you have short hair, you've really got to add interest near your face. I love all these pomps that Julianne wears. They add volume, texture, and interest. Because you girls with short hair don't have those long locks to lay on your shoulders and make you feel feminine, try out the pomp. It's a great way to add simple beauty to a hairstyle.

    1) Start by teasing your pomp section. Make sure you can't see any snarls. With your fingers from your dominant hand, take that front section and pull the hair towards the grain. Then gently change direction.

    2) Secure the hair with bobby pins. I don't love how Julianne styled the pins ... I would make a triangle out of bobby pins or a grid. No reason to just throw them in there; make a shape or some art out of them! 

    3) With the rest of your hair, you're going to Dutch French braid around the crown of your head and secure it in a small bun with a few pins.

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  • The Twilight Saga World Premiere 6 of 9

    I love this look!  It adds such a feminine yet edgy quality to her look.

    1) You're going to take a large barrel iron and curl the bangs back in sections. Do an inch at a time, going from the front to the back.

    2) Tease the bangs and set with spray.

    3) Loosely pin the pomp with bobby pins.

    4) Pull the sides of the hair tightly back and pull into a messy bun. You can randomly grab hair and pin.

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  • 19th Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute 7 of 9

    Such a fun and unique style! This is a great video tutorial here. It's simply a succession of messy knots! Check it out!

    photo credit: PRPHOTOS

  • CFDA Awards 8 of 9

    This style is so gorgeous. I've scoured the internet for a good shot of the back, and I can't find anything. From what I can tell, it's just a simple French braid down the back.

    1) You're going to start by giving your hair some really pretty curls. Like in most of her styles, this is all about the gorgeous texture of the hair.

    2) Start French braiding at the top of the crown, and go all the way to the bottom.

    3) Tie off with a clear elastic, and then roll the secured ends under and in the gap between the nape of your neck and the braid. Secure with pins.

    4) Make sure to leave out fringe and set with Kenra Volume Spray | $14

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  • 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 9 of 9

    This is such a unique look from Julianne. I will admit that this one makes me miss her long locks. Nonetheless, you can still get beautiful finger waves with short hair. Check out this fabulous tutorial!

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If you do any of these styles, make sure to tag me on Instagram @twistmepretty. I’d love to see how you pulled off the beautiful Julianne Hough styles! And as always, check out my personal site at Twist Me Pretty.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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