10 Tips for Moms to Improve Your Salon Visit

The state of modern motherhood is pretty hectic. We’re busy and, in general, we put ourselves last. As a hairstylist and colorist working in the trenches, I have a lot of clients who are mothers. Over the years, I’ve noticed a few patterns and common issues that prevent my “moms” from having a relaxing, pampering experience. Here are my tips to help improve your salon or spa visit and make it work in your schedule.

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  • Talk About Time 2 of 11
    Need to leave the salon at a certain time to pick up a child? Tell your stylist at the start of your appointment if you have a time restriction. It may impact the decisions you make together during your consultation and he or she will be mindful to stay on schedule.
  • Be Honest 3 of 11
    Not too reliable at coming in for haircuts or color? While I encourage you to take the time for proper maintenance, I do understand. Be up front with your stylist so she can give you a low-maintenance style.
  • Bring Your Work With You 4 of 11
    If you are a career woman and have trouble squeezing in the time to get your color done, just bring your laptop to the salon. Many salons have WiFi these days just call ahead and make sure.
  • Keep Your Kids Busy 5 of 11
    Sometimes you have to bring a kid along with you. It happens. You can minimize your stress if you bring snacks and entertainment to keep them occupied. Just call ahead and make sure it's OK with the salon and don't forget headphones if your kid will require sound through an iPad or other device. Photo Credit: Tyler Payne
  • Just Say No 6 of 11
    Forbid your significant other from calling & texting unless it's an emergency. Or set up an auto-reply that reads, "Figure it out." I can't tell you how often my mom clients are super stressed by endless texts from spouses asking everything from "Where are the goldfish?" to "When are you going to be done?" Please don't believe the hype; you can take time for yourself without the sky falling. I promise. Photo Credit: Joi
  • Discuss Your Styling Habits 7 of 11
    Are you a styling expert or completely hopeless with a blow dryer? Do you like to pull it back into a ponytail? Tell your stylist how you normally style your hair. It will help guide your consultation. Photo Credit: Heather Martino
  • Need a change? 8 of 11
    I feel you. Sometimes you need to shake things up. Chopping your locks can be liberating but it can also be drastic enough to cause tears. Just be sure it's really what you want before you cut all your hair off. Other easy ways to shake things up include getting a new fun color service, changing your part, or getting bangs. Photo Credit: Little Dandelion Queen
  • Always Pre-Book 9 of 11
    Most moms can't be trusted to call in and make an appointment until the situation is desperate. And then you probably won't be able to get in at the time you want. It's in your best interest and you can always call and reschedule if it's necessary.
  • Multi-task 10 of 11
    At many full-service salons, you can squeeze in an additional service while your color is processing. Why not maximize your time and get a manicure or brow wax while you wait?
  • Enjoy Your Downtime 11 of 11
    You deserve it. Being at the salon is a great opportunity to chat with another adult, look through trashy magazines, knit, text, or read a book. Don't be afraid to tell your stylist you'd like to read if she or he is being chatty it's your time.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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