10 Ways to Wear Your Hair with Hats (and Prevent Hat Head!)

We are deep in the heart of winter and for much of the country, this means a winter beanie is a necessity. Of course, this makes styling your hair a bit tricky. No one wants to have a big ponytail or updo bump under their hat, and avoiding the dreaded “hat head” is difficult. I’ve found 10 ways to style your hair that look great with hats and won’t get squashed and matted down during your commute. These styles are either kept close to your head to prevent hat head, or involve messy waves which are easy to shake up and revive once your hat is off. Click through the slideshow for some great styling ideas to get you through the season. And if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, these work just as well with a sun hat!

  • 10 Ways to Wear Your Hair With Hats (and Prevent Hat Head) 1 of 11
  • Sleek Low Ponytail 2 of 11

    Beat hat head with a low, sleek pony. It's already smoothed down so your hat won't be able to flatten your hairstyle.
    Learn how on Babble.

  • Braid-Wrapped Ponytail 3 of 11

    A low side pony is always a great choice when wearing hats. This version includes a little braid to hide the hair band.
    Get the tutorial at Freckled Fox.

  • Double French Braids 4 of 11

    Two neat braids keep hair in place and look adorable sticking out from under a hat.
    Found at The Little Hen House.

  • Beach Curls 5 of 11

    These waves may have been inspired by the beach, but messy waves look great flowing out from under a beanie and are easy to shake up if your hat squashes them a bit.
    The how-to is at Cara Loren.

  • Side Fishtail Braid 6 of 11

    Winter is a great time to master the fishtail braid. It's a pretty style that keeps hair together, minimizing static cling.
    Check it out at A Beautiful Mess.

  • No Heat Waves 7 of 11

    This tutorial shows you an easy way to create messy texture without using heat -- a great look that stands up to hat head.
    Found at Parlor.

  • Wavy Hair Tutorial (for Short Locks) 8 of 11

    I follow the lovely Keiko Lynn on Instagram and I've noticed she's been wearing a lot of winter hats lately. Shorter hair is especially prone to hat head. Styling it in waves minimizes the damage, as the look is meant to be messy and can be scrunched with your fingers to revitalize the style.
    See how she styles it on Keiko Lynn.

  • Bubble Ponytail 9 of 11

    The easy to create bubble ponytail looks great under a hat and keeps hair neat.
    Found at Jessica Harlow.

  • Pinned Back Bangs 10 of 11

    Bangs are highly susceptible to hat head. Keep them pinned back to eliminate the problem.
    See how it's done at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Double Bubble Ponys 11 of 11

    I love the look of the bubble pony but I don't have long enough hair. Creating two ponytails that incorporate hair down each side solves the problem and looks great with a hat!
    Get the how-to at Parlor.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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