11 Deep-Conditioning Treatments for Healthy Hair

When it comes to most things, preventive care is always a good idea especially when it comes to your precious tresses (try saying that 10 times)! Whether or not you are heading into cooler months, it’s important we give our hair the sweet loving care it deserves BEFORE it becomes a dry, hot mess!

If your hair is already well on its way down the Sahara path of dryness, it’s not too late.

Follow along as I share some fabulous deep-conditioning treatments you can do from the comfort of your home!

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    What are your favorite deep conditioners to have on hand?

  • Aveda Dry Remedy 2 of 13

    Ever have the "I want it now" syndrome? I mean, who doesn't like a little instant gratification? When our hair is dry and brittle, we want it soft, silky, and exploding with moisture ASAP! Aveda gets this claiming this masque instantly improves dry hair up to 63% (when used as part of Aveda's dry remedy moisturizing system). The result of their deep-moisture complex is rich, lasting moisture. So there, sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it to! ūüėȬ†


    To Purchase: Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque; $29 

  • Aussie 3-Minute Miracle 3 of 13

    If you think a $3 deep conditioner from the drugstore that actually works is crazy talk think again! This 3-minute miracle is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner! That's right, my friends: all it takes is $3 and 3 minutes.


    Natural Australian Aloe and Jojoba seed oil are two key ingredients used to add moisture and rejuvenate hair leaving you with soft and silky locks. 


    To Purchase: Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner; $3

  • Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask 4 of 13

    We've all heard about the famous Moroccan Oil and the wonders it does on hair, but did you know they also have an incredible hydrating mask? Well, now you do! Whether you are looking to prevent dryness or revive down-in-the-dumps locks this mask will condition and hydrate using Moroccan Oil's heavenly argan oil formula. 


    To Purchase: Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask; $31 

  • SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque 5 of 13

    SheaMoisture's Deep Treatment Masque is a wonderful, all-natural alternative to other deep conditioners using Shea butter to moisturize and condition hair and scalp. Sea kelp and argan oil are also key in promoting shine and providing mineral-rich nutrition to smooth the hair cuticle. 


    To purchase: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque; $12

  • Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 6 of 13

    A favorite of many beauty gurus¬†‚ÄĒ this masque will rebuild your hair and leave it with long-lasting conditioning benefits. It is infused with¬†macadamia oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, argan oil, algae extracts, and aloe to give your hair the ultimate hydrating experience.¬†


    To Purchase: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque; $33

  • Neutrogena Deep Recovery Hair Mask 7 of 13

    Dynamic trio olive, medowfoam, and sweet almond come to the rescue to moisturize each layer of the hair strand in this budget-friendly mask. Even the most dehydrated tresses can benefit from this mask.


    To Purchase: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask; $7

  • Repair Rescue Treatment 8 of 13

    For those who feel like their hair is "past the point of no return," a.k.a. hair that is dry, damaged, brittle, breaking, and weak this is the treatment for you! Packed with pro-vitamin B5, this deep conditioner will not only provide moisture, it will also repair your hair from the inside out with its amino acids and CuraTech protein. 


    To Purchase: Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment; $22

  • It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask 9 of 13

    A "10" is always a good thing, especially when it's a product that gives you 10 amazing benefits! Yes, you heard me right, 10! Not only will this mask restore moisture, it detangles, instantly restores elasticity, softens, smoothes, imparts luminous shine, enhances natural body, nourishes, de-frizzes, and improves color vibrancy. Talk about getting bang for your buck! Consider this 10 products in one, I'll take it! 


     To Purchase: It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask; $19 

  • Kerastase Nutri-Thermique 10 of 13

    Kerastase is a fantastic luxury line using the best ingredients and technology to insure healthy hair from the inside out.


    This deep-conditioning masque is one of my personal favorites! There's no need to say good-bye to your beloved blow dryer and curling irons because this masque is heat-activated. Not only will it fill your hair with deep moisture and nourishment but it will also protect your hair from any forms of heat. Thermo-Reactive Polymer is one of the key ingredients in this masque, acting as a 3-D network locking nourishment deep within the fiber. This means your hair will be protected from further dryness. Incredible, right? And because your hair will be so intensely hydrated and protected from the dryness, you won't need to use this masque as often as others.


    Consider this an investment in your hair's future!


    To Purchase: Kerastase Nutritive Masque Nutri-Thermique; $62

  • L’Oreal Smoothing Deep Conditioner 11 of 13

    Did you know dry hair can create frizzy hair? Lock moisture back into your precious tresses with this intensive, rich treatment, which uses natural oils to penetrate the hair fiber for softer and re-charged locks. 


    To Purchase: L'Oreal Ever Sleek Renew Deep Conditioner; $6

  • Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment 12 of 13

    Can we just start by talking about how AMAZING this product smells? The slightly sweet and oh-so-spicy ginger is out of this world! The scent is so incredible that Paul Mitchell made a candle out of it … yes, it's THAT good. 


    Okay, now on to the real purpose we're all here! Awapuhi extract is a main ingredient used to replenish hair with concentrated moisture and shine. If you need a little more than moisture, this treatment will also repair damaged hair with its keratin protein. 


    To Purchase: Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment; $20 

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