12 Tricks to Help You Look More Awake

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Image source: Thinkstock

Sometimes, I’m a hot mess in the morning. When my husband leaves for work, I just keep my eyes shut in hopes he won’t look at me! No one wants to feel ugly and gross in the morning, and no one wants to look sleepy and haggard all day long. Here are 12 great tricks that will help you look more awake and help you to feel like your prettiest self.

1. Sleep well

This one really goes without saying; we all know the key to looking refreshed in the morning is getting proper sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your eyes are going to look dull, puffy and red. Find out more about the importance of sleep here.

2. Eat well

Food that is high in sodium and fat can lead to fluid retention, making you feel bloated and puffy the next day. Eating lean protein and all of your veggies, and avoiding simple carbs, sugars, and salt is not only going to help you look more awake, but it’s going to help you feel just better. Live healthy, look healthy.

3. Drink water

Water is one of the most important things for your body. Not only does water rid your body of toxins and impurities, but it plumps up your skin cells, giving you a clear glowing complexion and better muscle tone. Water will help you look younger, it will help to control hunger, and it will also help in digesting your food, helping you to feel better. Drink your water! Here‘s a great article on the importance of water.

All right, now that we have the obvious three out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff…

4. Exercise first thing

As hard as it can be to wake up an extra hour early, especially when you didn’t get much sleep the night before, the benefits are totally worth it. Exercising will wake up your body, get your blood pumping, and give you a healthy glow. Not only will it make you look healthy and more awake, it will also give you some endorphins and extra energy. Check out how Whitney from a Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow juggles being a mom and staying fit.

5. De-puff the eyes

Absolute must when you need to look refreshed on few zzzz’s. Here are a few ways to depuff those eyes:

  • Splash face with ice cold water.
  • A simple trick to stimulating circulation under the eyes is to freeze a couple spoons. In the morning, place one spoon under each eye for thirty seconds. This is going to help bring down that fluid and make you look … well, more awake!
  • Get a cold, soft washcloth and soak it in chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti inflammatory properties. Let it sit on your face for a minute or two, and it will reduce swelling.
  • Try caffeine eye cream!
  • A bag of frozen peas. This will do the same thing as the spoon trick, but the bag of peas will nicely contour the eyes.

5. Use concealer

Concealing the dark circles under the eyes is an absolute must. Instead of applying it directly under the eye where your dark circles are, you’re going to apply it from the tear duct down to the bottom of your nose and up to the outside corner of your eye, creating a triangle shape. This will make your eyes look more open and bright, as opposed to just putting it on the dark spots. My favorite concealer can be found here.

6. Lash out

Adding length and volume to your eyelashes is a quick way to brighten up those eyes. My favorite mascara is the 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique.  You essentially add extra fibers to your lashes and seal them on with some transplanting gel. Takes a few extra minutes, but it’s totally worth it, and the new volume and length really brights up and opens the eyes, making you look … well, more awake!

7. Wear earrings

Soft colored stones or gems can reflect beautiful light onto your skin and eyes. Not only will they help you look more awake, but they’ll also take unwanted attention from those tired eyes. My absolute favorite earrings are my pearls from My Pacific Pearls. I have very sensitive ears, and these have been the only earrings that haven’t irritated my ears.

8. Use a citrus body wash

Citrus fruits pick you up. They’re packed with vitamin C and can increase energy and alertness. Simply smelling a citrus fruit can trick your brain and shake your senses. An easy way to wake yourself up in the morning!

9. Whiten your teeth

This goes without saying. A whiter smile equals a brighter looking you. Having a white smile and nice soft lips is a great way to give the illusion that you’re awake, alert, and looking good

10. Highlight and contour

There’s not a better video in the whole world than this one here. Watch it. Do it. Love it. You’re simply pushing forward those features you love and diminishing the ones you’re less fond of. By highlighting and contouring, you can add so much light to your face, and no one will ever know you had less than three hours of sleep!

11. Change your sleep style

Bad news, stomach sleepers. The average head weighs 8 pounds — that’s a lot of pressure on that little face of yours! If you want to fight premature aging and look more alert when you wake, let’s all give sleeping on our backs a try. If sleeping on your back is unacceptable, sleep on your side with a body pillow. It’s not as effective, but it’ll do!

12. Add volume

When you are super tired and haven’t slept well, you want to draw the eyes up. It will create the illusion that you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed. Pulling the hair up will also pull up on your skin around your hair, giving you a small face lift. To see how I got this perfect ponytail, click here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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