15 Beauty Gadgets That Actually Work

It’s easy to want the latest and greatest device.  Even the phone companies have new programs to let you get a new phone before their usual trade in time!  But, are you up to date with the latest and greatest beauty gadgets?  There are a lot of beauty gadgets available,  and they can do a lot more than simply help you clean your skin better.  Some of them work, and some are less than helpful.

Here are 15 different beauty gadgets that we think are actually worth their price!


  • Gadgets That Work 1 of 16

    These gadgets will actually save you time, money or make your beauty routine more effective.  Some might seem a bit futuristic, but they all work!

  • A Quick Refresh 2 of 16

    This cool mister was created to help curly hair girls refresh and style their hair in minutes. It also does amazing things for straight hair, see my Q Redew review. You'll wonder how you lived without it!

    Q Redew $69.95

  • Good Bye Crow’s Feet 3 of 16

    PaloVia is an FDA approved laser treatment for the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and yes, it really does work! Four really great friends of mine did a 30 day challenge with the product, you can see all of their before and after images for yourself (Gouldylox, Beautiful Makeup Search, Prime Beauty, and Beauty 411).

    PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser $499

  • Better Hair Through Filters 4 of 16

    Even if you own a water softener, there are minerals in your water than affect both your skin and your hair. There are many filters on the market, but this one is the most streamlined. The filter is in the handle! You'll notice shinier, easy to manage hair with more volume.

    T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter $150

  • A Safer Steam 5 of 16

    If you've ever had a professional facial, you know how amazing the steam can be for your skin. It helps to loosen up everything in your pores, making it much easier to remove. Skin care products will also absorb more easily. Steaming your face at home isn't so easy, who wants to lean over a pot of boiling water? My friend Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search swears by her Facial Sauna.

    Beauty Chic Facial Sauna $24.99

  • Erase a Pimple 6 of 16

    The Tanda Zap looks so easy! Apply this small flashlight device to your skin a few times a day and your pimples will start to disappear. While it doesn't work for all types of acne, you can learn more about that in my Tanda Zap review, it worked for most of my blemishes. It applies blue light therapy, ultrasonic vibration and mild heat.

    Tanda Zap Acne Spot Treatment Device $49

  • At Home Microdermabrasion 7 of 16

    Exfoliation is one of the fastest ways to see a turn around in your skin including softer skin, clearer tone, smaller pores and even improved scars. While microdermabrasion is usually something you see only in a dermatologist's office, this handy device lets you use the same aluminum oxide crystals used by the professionals to exfoliate your face. You can read my PMD Microdermabrasion System review, and my friend Pink Sith also reviewed it. We both saw improvement fairly quickly.

    PMD Personal Microdermabrasion System $179

  • Light Therapy 8 of 16

    You may have seen red and blue light therapy devices on the market, and it turns out that while home light therapy is probably not quite as effective as the same wavelength done in a professional office, that's only a matter of power. The small handheld light devices do help fight both acne and aging. The only issue is deciding which device works best for you.

    Baby Quasar Plus Basic $399
    Baby Quasar Baby Blue $349

  • White Teeth For the Sensitive 9 of 16

    There are a few mixed reviews for the Glo Brilliant, but the idea is that you can whiten your teeth at home with blue light instead of a high concentration of peroxide. Many report whitening without the sensitivity they experience with other at home products, for much less than the cost of a professional whitening treatment.

    GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device $199

  • A New Power Cleaner 10 of 16

    While everyone has been talking about the Clarisonic and other deep cleaning brushes, there's a new alternative for getting everything off your skin. The Foreo Luna is made of silicone instead of the typical nylon brush that other deep cleaning machines use. It also has a side made specifically for helping your skin care products absorb. I loved it when I wrote my Foreo Luna review and you can also check out Phyrra's Foreo Luna review

    Foreo Luna $199

  • Shock Your Skin 11 of 16

    While it might seem a bit Frankenstein, it turns out that applying a microcurrent to your skin really can help fight aging, read more in this article from Elle. The NuFace is FDA approved and improves skin tone and contour.

    NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device $325

  • Perfect Curls In Seconds 12 of 16

    Everyone wants perfect long curls and beachy waves, but they can be a bit tricky, not to mention time consuming. I'm a huge fan of the Beachwaver. This curling iron only needs a quick press of a button and it automatically curls your hair around the extra long barrel. You can change the direction of the curl with the touch of a button and even select the exact temperature you want to use.

    Sarah Potempa The Beachwaver $199

  • Easiest Pedicure Ever 13 of 16

    Yes, there is even a Clarisonic made for your feet. The new Pedi from Clarisonic is hee to make your at home pedicure faster, easier and more professional looking in only a few minutes. You can read more about it over on Running with Heels.

    Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation Set $199

  • Flat Iron Your Way to Healthier Hair 14 of 16
    Beauty Gadgets that Work

    This might looking like just another flat iron, but it isn't. This is actually a tool that applies infrared light and ultrasonic vibration to your hair, allowing treatment products to work more effectively. It's like leaving your hair mask in a couple of extra hours! You can read my Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool review.

    Jose Eber Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool $200

  • Get More Out of Your Skin Care 15 of 16

    This space age wand will help your skin care penetrate deeper and more completely into your skin, ensuring you're getting every last bit of benefit! It uses micro-current, phototherapy and vibration to help your products absorb into skin.

    Talika Cream Booster $145

  • Laser Off Your Excess Hair 16 of 16

    No more shaving ever? Yes, please! While you'll pay a lot for a professional hair removal session, you can do it yourself at home. The at home devices take longer to work because of their lower power, and you'll need to be an ideal candidate, with pale skin and dark hair, for the device to work well. But, the results are worth it, and you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Check out my reviews of the Silk'n Sens Epil and Silk'n Flash&Go, and my friend Carleen's comparision of the Tria and Flash&Go.

    Silk'n Flash&Go $299
    Silk'n Sens Epil $499
    Tria Laser Hair Removal Laser $449


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