15 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

New Year’s Day is around the corner. Do you have a resolution in mind? This year, why not choose one that is actually fun to stick with? Beauty resolutions are a great way to resolve to do something for yourself this year. These ideas are pampering and confidence-building. Click through the slideshow for 15 beauty resolutions for a happy and healthy 2014.

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  • Wear Sunscreen Every Day 2 of 16

    The sun is responsible for 80-90% of aging, so the best anti-aging step is a preventative one. Additionally, according to the Melanoma Research Alliance, 76,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) every year. It's never too early… or too late to start protecting yourself. Try at daily facial moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher and commit yourself to applying it every day.


  • Find Your Signature Scent 3 of 16

    I made this my resolution a couple years ago and it was such a fun project! It took months to choose the right one after tearing out countless magazine samples and several trips to Sephora. I wasn't in a rush and there was no pressure. I just picked up a couple samples whenever it was convenient and eventually I found my match.

  • Take Your Makeup Off Every Night 4 of 16

    Buy some quick and easy makeup remover wipes, leave them by your bed, and do this one step every night. Cleansing at night is essential to healthy skin. Not only will makeup, dirt, and oils clog your pores, pollution and free radicals break down the production of collagen.

  • Learn How to Blow Dry Your Hair 5 of 16

    As a hairstylist, I can't tell you how many people tell me they can't blow dry their own hair. Trust me, if I can learn, you can learn. The only difference is I had to learn in school and you are being lazy. Yep, I said it. And I can say it because I was you before I went to beauty school. It's a great skill to have, even if you only use it a few times a year. So grab a brush and a tutorial and just try. It will feel awkward the first few times, but you will be surprised how quickly it becomes routine.

  • Try One Thing You Pin on Pinterest Each Month 6 of 16

    I know you … the girl pinning away never to return to that gorgeous photo of eye makeup, that cute braided updo, or awesome DIY body scrub. If you don't do Pinterest, maybe you "like" beauty posts on Facebook or bookmark your favorite blogs. Make it a goal to try one new beauty technique or look from your online collection each month.

  • Clarify Your Hair Once a Month 7 of 16

    Hairstyling products, mineral deposits from hard water, and waxes and silicones in some shampoos build up on hair over time, leaving hair looking lifeless and dull. How often you should use a clarifying shampoo depends, but at least once a month is a good rule of thumb. If you have your hair regularly colored, clarify it just before your touch up.

  • Clean Your Makeup Brushes Every 2 Weeks 8 of 16

    Taking good care of your makeup brushes will help them last longer, and since a good brush is an investment that can possibly last years, it's worth the effort. Makeup brushes are also great hosts for bacteria. Use a brush cleaning solution or baby shampoo in warm water to gently clean your tools. While you are at it, go ahead and get all the hair out of your hairbrushes and wash those too.

  • Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick 9 of 16

    Because it's out there… just waiting to make you feel beautiful, elegant, glamorous, sexy, and daring.

  • Drink More Water 10 of 16

    Ever since I wrote this article about a woman who took 10 years off her face just by drinking the recommended daily amount of water, I've been committed to drinking more H2O. Join me and see more hydrated skin in the new year.

  • Throw Away Old Products 11 of 16

    Go through your makeup, skincare, and haircare stash and get rid of everything that's past due. For a complete list of products and when to toss them, visit this post.

  • Take Care of Your Feet 12 of 16

    I am guilty of sometimes letting my feet get rough and dry. Vow to buff out dry spots once a week in the shower and be sure to slather them with a great foot cream daily.

  • Go to the Salon Regularly 13 of 16

    Many women are notoriously terrible at maintaining their hair. Life gets busy so pre-book your haircut and color touch-up appointments to make it easier to remember. Regular trims are essential for keeping ends healthy and keeping your style fresh.

  • Commit to Exercise 14 of 16

    There is no way around it; you have to make this a non-negotiable or it won't happen. If you can commit to regular exercise, you will reap enormous benefits that go well beyond your body image. Exercise improves blood flow, carrying oxygen and nutrients to all your organs, including your skin.

  • Use a Shaving Brush 15 of 16

    This one is for the fellas! Using a shaving brush is the key to the ultimate shave and adds a nice pampering quality to your morning routine. The bristles create a dense lather, gently exfoliate, and soften and lift hairs for a close, comfortable shaving experience. I've been told that once you try it, you'll never go back.

  • Be Kind to Yourself 16 of 16

    It's easy to tell our children and our friends how beautiful they are. Extend some of that kindness to yourself. We all have flaws; there's just no need to focus on yours. Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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