15 Beauty Rules You Should Break!

Rules, shmules. When it comes to beauty, rules were made to be broken! Beauty is something that is creative and customizable to personal style, personality, and lifestyle. No one should tell you what you can and can’t do with your creativity — frankly, that should be the only rule of beauty!

Now we’ve all heard about most of the spoken and unspoken beauty rules, like “never wear blue eyeliner” and “don’t pair a bold lip with a smokey eye.” Who made up these rules anyway?! I may not be a beauty guru, but I say,  you can and should break these old “hearsay” rules. Yes, that’s right — tap into your inner little rebel and break beauty rules the right way! But then again, I’m not telling you what to do or anything!

Follow along as I share 15 common beauty rules you should break and tips on how to break them in style!

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    What beauty rules do you break?!

  • Rule No. 1: No Bold Lip With a Smokey Eye 2 of 16

    A bold lip with a smokey eye can look absolutely gorgeous if it's done right! To play it safe, steer clear of black and dark charcoal-gray colors on the lid — these can be too over-powering and can easily lead to a quick train wreck! If you keep your smokey eye on the neutral end of the spectrum (browns and taupes), you can wear any bold lip your heart desires and show this beauty rule whose boss! 


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  • Rule No. 2: Never Wear Blue Eye Shadow 3 of 16

    I understand why this "rule" was made — if you aren't careful with blue shadow, you can easily look like you're an 80's Smurf's twin. But the right blue eyeshadow can look amazing on any skin tone and hair color (especially when paired with a more natural or nude lip). So, which blue is best for you?! Lighter skin tones look amazing with pastel blues with a soft gray hue. Medium and olive skin tones can rock the jewel-tone blues like it's no one's business. Darker skin tones can go all out with the richly pigmented blues that pump up the POW factor! A rich navy can also be worn by all skin-tones for a show-stopping smokey eye look! 


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  • Rule No. 3: Bronzer Is Only For The Summer 4 of 16

    Don't follow this rule for one second — a healthy, "natural" looking glow is always in! Yes, bronzer is often associated with summer to add warmth to an already sun-kissed face, but it is equally important for fall/winter when the sun starts to play hide and seek. The key is not using the same bronzer you wore in the summer! More than likely, a summer bronzer will be too dark. During the colder months, go for a lighter bronzer with a slight sheen to bring life back into your face!


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  • Rule No. 4: No Bright Colors on Thin Lips 5 of 16

    Let's have a quick color theory 101 shall we? It's as easy as this: dark colors recede or minimize (think LBD) and light colors bring forward or accentuate. Therefore, bright colors (which is somewhere in between light and dark) on thin lips are totally a go! Try going for a bright shade with a little shine to it — light will bounce off the sheen, making your lips appear larger! 


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  • Rule No. 5: No Red Lips with Red Hair 6 of 16

    To all the vivacious redheads out there, you can give this rule a swift kick in the pants (and blow it a kiss goodbye for good measure)! Clearly red was made for YOU — therefore you have complete permission to use your color in any way you please. The most important thing when choosing a red lipstick is to make sure it flatters your skin and hair tone. Most "true" red heads look phenomenal in an orange-toned red because it counteracts the pink undertones in the skin! As for the wanna-be redheads who get a little extra love from a salon (wink wink), blue-toned reds will look fantastic on you! 


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  • Rule No. 6: Never Tweeze Above the Eyebrows 7 of 16

    Perhaps this rule was made to help those who are a little "tweezer happy" to have a guideline and a little restraint? However, there are many girls and women alike that most definitely SHOULD tweeze above their eyebrows. Tweezing above the brows can help add shape and keep brows from looking too bushy. Yes, full brows are totally in right now, but there is a huge difference between full brows with shape and untouched, gnarly Bigfoot brows! My best advice is go see a professional! Get your brows shaped and keep them up from there — whether that be getting them regularly waxed or tweezing the newbies yourself! 


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  • Rule No. 7: No Smokey Eyes with Pale Skin 8 of 16

    Fair skin looks beyond gorgeous with a smokey eye because of the beautiful contrast between the two! Try to steer clear of blacks, as black can make it too easy to get the infamous raccoon/black eye effect, creating a little too much contrast!  Instead, play with neutrals, bronzes, rose golds, and taupes! 


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  • Rule No. 8: Match Foundation to Jawline 9 of 16
    babblerulesmatch to chest

    Ladies, do NOT match your foundation to your jawline! Break this rule stat! Your jaw-line doesn't get as much exposure as your face, making it an inaccurate  guide. Instead, match foundation to your neck/chest — this way, there will be a seamlessly smooth transition between your face and chest!


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  • Rule No. 9: Older Women Shouldn’t Wear Their Hair Long 10 of 16

    Age should have nothing to do with hair length. Older women have every right to rock their long locks if it suits their face shape! 


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  • Rule No. 10: Only Wear Colors That Match Your Skin-Tone 11 of 16

    This rule is one that should be both kept and broken. You should ALWAYS wear a foundation and concealer that matches your skin-tone! Skin tone is the constant underlying pigment that shines through your skin — you can be warm-toned, cool-toned, or neutral (the best because you have both warm and cool). A quick and easy way to determine your skin tone is to go in natural light, clench your fist and pay attention to the color of the veins on your inner-wrist. Mainly blue veins mean you are cool toned, mainly green equals warm toned, and a combination of the two hints you are neutral. Staying within your same skin-tone family for foundation and concealer results in a more natural, healthy-looking face! Eyeshadow, blush, and lip color is where you can have all the fun — be brave and play with different colors and tones! 


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  • Rule No. 11: Don’t Wear Eyeliner on Bottom Lashline 12 of 16

    Eyeliner done wrong can close in your eyes and make you look like a beady-eyed rodent! On the contrary, eyeliner done right can lead to a sultry, shadowed eye! Eyeliner is meant to give the appearance of a fuller lash line. It can be used to add a pop of color, or to make a fun statement — not to look like you actually LINED your eyes (the name is misleading, I know)! When using eyeliner on your bottom lashes, blend out the actual line using a blending brush or a a simple Q-Tip to create the sultry shadow! Or, line your bottom water-line to really make your eyes POP! 


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  • Rule No. 12: Foundation Is For The Whole Face 13 of 16

    Foundation is meant to cover imperfections and even-out skin tone. Use foundation where YOU need it! Some people may only need to cover redness on cheeks and nose, while others might need to use foundation on their whole face. If your foundation matches you perfectly and is blended, there's no need to put it on your entire face unless you need (or want) to!  


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  • Rule No. 13: Use Lip Liner to Line Lips 14 of 16

    Lip liner has SO much more potential than just lining lips! Use it to line and fill in your lips completely for a long lasting lip color on its own. It's equally fabulous topped off with a similar shade of lipstick for extra staying power! 


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  • Rule No. 14: Sparkly Eyeshadow Is Only for the Young 15 of 16

    Everyone deserves a bright, sparkly eye!  The key is knowing the difference between glitter and shimmer! Glitter has actual flecks of glitter throughout the shadow and tends to look best on younger girls because it tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Shimmer, on the other hand, works on everyone! A shimmer shadow has a beautiful, light reflecting finish that is gorgeous for adding a twinkle to the eyes!


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  • Rule No. 15: Wear Brown Mascara with Light Hair 16 of 16

    Wear brown mascara with light hair if you want a more natural look; wear black if you want your lashes and eyes to be the star of the show! 


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