15 Inspiring Nail Art Pinterest Accounts & Boards Worth Following

Pinterest is the master at the art of time suckage, to quote the movie Reality Bites. It can suck us all in for hours and hours, as we pour over and pin perfectly pretty and somewhat unrealistic photos of what inspires us to create a more beautiful life. But sometimes we get lost in a sea of photos, and nail art is a particularly cluttered category to wade through.

So I did a little digging to find the best of the best in the nail art category. And while I’m sure I didn’t even crack the nail art iceberg, I have rounded up 15 of my favorite Pinterest accounts and boards, from brands you may recognize to personal accounts you may not, to guide you to prettier hands and inspired nail art designs.

  • 15 Inspiring Nail Art Pinterest Accounts & Boards Worth Following 1 of 16

    Flip through and follow 15 of my favorite nail art Pinterst accounts and boards to guide you to prettier hands and inspired nail art designs.


    Nail polish & pearls on pink fur photo: Silver & Gold Glitter Manicure

  • The Beauty Department’s Nail Art Pinterest Board 2 of 16

    If you're a beauty lover and find yourself on the Internet day in and day out, then you've probably heard of and may even follow The Beauty Department's blog posts on the regular. Their Pinterest Nail Art board is mostly made up of tutorials from their own blog. However, they have some really great designs and tutorials, and following them here makes it a bit easier to keep track of their latest and greatest.

  • Nail Art Gallery 3 of 16

    More than just one board of nail art inspiration, Nail Art Gallery is an entire Pinterest account dedicated to nail art and manicures that are categorized by holidays, products, best of's, and more.  They have nearly 50K followers.

  • Beauty… Makeup… Nails… 4 of 16

    Beauty... Makeup... Nails... is my very own beauty and nail art board on Pinterest. Rather than dedicate one page to nails and nail art, I combine a few. However, I'm prone to posting more nail art than anything else. As you can see, I fall for pinks and blacks and grays and classically pretty designs that are fairly simple to recreate. I also pin my own nail art tutorials to make it a bit easier to keep track.

  • OPI 5 of 16

    An obvious destination for nail art, OPI Products has a great mix of their own nail polish and product collections, as well as categorized nail art inspirations using their products and other generally inspiring nail art pins. I especially love their Fashion Week Nails board.

  • Crazy Cool Nails 6 of 16

    A personal account run by blogger India-Jewel Jackson, her Crazy Cool Nails board is just downright pretty. If you're looking for more classic designs with a twist and a color pop, follow this board.

  • Nails by Alexa 7 of 16

    Another personal account, Nails by Alexa is a great mix of classic nail polishes, color pairings, and pretty, yet simple designs and manicures.

  • Nail Art Community Pins 8 of 16

    Nail Art Community Pins is a MAJOR community board with over 1400 nail art enthusiasts pinning their favorites daily.  With over 60k pins to this board, you're bound to find dozens of manicures to inspire your own.

  • Mary Thailand 9 of 16

    NAILS by Mary Thailand is a personal account with over 24K pins of nails and nail art alone. She often pins colorful and artsy designs and has a ton of great holiday inspiration at the moment.

  • From Cool to CRAZY 10 of 16

    Of her 20 Pinterest boards, 18 of them are dedicated to nail art, separated in categories from FUN nail art tutorials, to cartoons and holidays. Most of them are bold and more detailed than your average nail art enthusiast. Follow Robin Moses on Pinterest.

  • Nails #7 11 of 16

    ƸӜƷ Nails#7 ƸӜƷ is yet another personal board with really pretty and unique custom nail art designs. Some are more technical than others, but all of them are pretty.

  • Best of Nails Community Board 12 of 16

    ♥ Best of NAILS ♥ is run by over 170 pinners adding their favorite nail art tutorials from around the web. Monitored so it doesn't allow spam or small photos, it's a great place to start and features glittery jazzed up styles for every occasion.

  • Essie 13 of 16

    Another nail polish brand to follow, Essie has far fewer boards, but sometimes that makes inspiration a little easier to navigate. Straight to the point!

  • Nails by Ariel 14 of 16

    Nails by Ariel Manuel is yet another personal account I just love for her bold and artistic selections.

  • POPSUGAR Beauty 15 of 16

    Nails by POPSugar Beauty is a combination of their own tutorials mixed with nail polishes, products, and cute nail art designs to inspire.

  • Well Manicured Nails 16 of 16

    Boards where more than one contributor — in this case, more than 400 — are kind of the best of the best, simply because you have so many sources pinning to one account. It can get a little overwhelming, but Well Manicured Nails has a nice mix of classic and crazy nail art pins.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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