15 Must-Have Beauty Tools

A carpenter wouldn’t set up shop without his tools. The same is true if you’re one for getting down and pretty there are beauty tools you should own. Here are 15 of my favorites …

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    Follow along as I share with you some of my favorite must-have beauty tools.

  • 1. Makeup Mirror 2 of 16

    This sensor mirror by SimpleHuman lights up as you approach it. It replicates natural sunlight so you don't "overdo it" on makeup application. Plus, it magnifies 5x greater so you can see your entire face in detail!


    Tip: It's always best to apply makeup facing natural light, even when using an illuminating mirror, for the most accurate makeup application.


    To Purchase: SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror, $200 

  • 2. Eyelash Curler 3 of 16

    A pinch-proof way to make eyelashes look longer while also preventing damage. Simply spread the handle apart, place lashes in between the blades, gently crimp at the base, open, and repeat crimping all the way up to the tips. 


    Tip: Use a blowdryer to warm the eyelash curler before curling for a more extreme curl. Apply mascara, and then set the curl by blowdrying the mascara (on lowest setting).


    To Purchase: Eyelash Curler,$17

  • 3. False Eyelashes 4 of 16

    In my opinion, Ardell makes the most versatile false lashes. My favorite go-to lashes are Babies; they look natural and work well for everyone — not too long and not too thick.


    To Purchase: Ardell 'Baby' Lashes, $18 (6 pack) 

  • 4. Eyelash Adhesive 5 of 16

    If you're one for using false lashes, the right glue is essential. While it's not technically a "tool," it's a product that helps falsies stay put. It's waterproof and dries clear, making application effortless.


    To Purchase: Duo Eyelash Adhesive, $8 


    For a video tutorial on how to use go to: Pink Pistachio

  • 5. Slanted Tweezers 6 of 16

    Despite what you might think, tweezers aren't a dime a dozen. In fact, Tweezerman tweezers have been a "Best of Beauty" winner by Allure editors for 12 years straight. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time.  


    To Purchase: Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers, $22 

  • 6. Touch Up Razor 7 of 16

    Use it on your brows, upper lip, or even your bikini line. The kit includes a brush for manicuring brows and a super sharp razor — the ultimate touch-up for accurate precision in hair removal.


    To Purchase: Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set, $15 

  • 7. Clarisonic 8 of 16

    It took me years to get on board, but now I can never go back. Using a Clarisonic brush a few times a week keeps skin fresh, renewed, and clear.


    To Purchase: Clarisonic Mia System, $125 

  • 8. Kabuki Brush 9 of 16

    It's the best all-around brush for foundation, blush, bronzer, or finishing powders. If you only have one brush in your collection, splurge for a Kabuki!


    To Purchase: Natural Kabuki Brush, $24 

  • 9. Cleansing Sponges 10 of 16

    Cellulose sponges are amazing for getting your face ultra clean. Apply your cleanser onto a dampened sponge, clean using a circular motion, rinse, and behold your squeaky-clean face!


    To Purchase: Cellulose Sponges, $6 

  • 10. Double Ended Eye Brush 11 of 16

    The rounded end can be used for applying shadow. The pointed end is used to apply liner or more detailed work for contouring or highlighting.


    To Purchase: Double-Ended Precision Brush, $28 

  • 11. Nail Buffer 12 of 16

    This buffer gives super high shine to bare nails by smoothing ridges. It also makes polish application flawless — one of my favorites hands down.


    To Purchase: Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, $4 

  • 12. Nail Correcting Pen 13 of 16

    Don't sweat bullets over nail polish mishaps. A nail polish corrector pen erases unwanted polish you may have accidentally painted on your skin!


    To Purchase: Nail Polish Corrector Pen, $8 

  • 13. Foot File 14 of 16

    My feet wouldn't survive without the Ped Egg. Microfiles on the inside gently cut away dead skin on callused feet and heels. The buffer on the outside gently exfoliates and buffs away any rough edges. It's the ultimate at-home pedicure tool!


    To Purchase: Ped Egg, $10 

  • 14. Detangling Brush 15 of 16

    Even the rattiest of rats nests don't stand a chance against the wet brush. I have my local salon to thank for introducing me to the best detangling brush my hair has ever seen! 


    To Purchase: The Wet Brush, $15 

  • 15. Makeup Case 16 of 16

    All tools need a home, and this one's roomy enough to hold them all! All of the compartments are removable and adjustable to meet the size and needs of all your products! 


    To Purchase: Faux Croc Traincase, $110 

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