15 Ways To Wear An Inverted Braid

An inverted braid is a simple but very elegant braid that offers a lot of versatility in hairstyling. You can quickly combine this braid with various looks for something different every day. It’s one of my favorite ways to dress up any hairstyle. Regardless of hair type, texture, or thickness, you can wear an inverted braid.

An inverted braid is a variation of the French braid.  The main difference is you do what is call an overhand cross of the hair.  For example, in braiding your three strands of hair, cross your right section over your middle section and then left section over your middle section. This process is repeated until you finish your braid. Some simply call this a French braid.

I have put together a slideshow of my 15 favorite inverted braid looks.  Enjoy!

  • 15 Ways To Wear An Inverted Braid 1 of 16

    Inverted Braid is simple and super gorgeous on any head. Check out this slideshow for all the ways you can style your hair with this braid.

  • Braided Side Twist Bun 2 of 16

    This is a formal look that I created. Its my take on the classic, side chignon bun.

    Photo Credit: Natural Hair Rules

  • Dress Up a Side Braid with A Ribbon 3 of 16

    A simple black ribbon is all you need to give this classic style new life. 

    Found on Beauty Department

  • Mini French Braid 4 of 16

    Look complicate but it's a regular french braid, just a little smaller. 

    Tutorial on Beauty Department.com

  • Inverted Braid with Spiral Curls 5 of 16

    I love spiral curls but I don't always have time to curl my entire head. Hey, I have a lot of hair. The inverted braid in the back was the perfect solution.

    Photo Credit: Natural Hair Rules

  • Twist and Pin Side 6 of 16

    This is a variation of the side chignon, but with added detail and texture from the braid and twist.

    Found on Hair Romance 

  • Upside Inverted Braid with Sock Bun 7 of 16

    This is a new take on two timeless hairstyles; the braid and sock bun.

    Video tutorial on Bebexo's Youtube Channel 

  • Half Up Braided Crown 8 of 16

    Half Up Braided Crown

    Fellow Babble Beauty Contributor, Sonya Benham spotted this braided look. It super simple and really dresses up any hairdo. 

    Found on A Cup of Joe.

  • French Braid Headband 9 of 16

    This was absolutely one of my favorite styles: one french braid around the crown. Your hair as the perfect hair accessory.

    Found on Hair Romance

  • Twisted Top with Inverted Braid 10 of 16

    To finish and camouflage the braid I rolled and tucked 3-4 jumbo twists at the crown of my head to complete this braided updo.

    Photo Credit: Natural Hair Rules

  • Upside Inverted Braid With Hair Bow 11 of 16

    This looks complicated but Vlogger, Bebexo has a simple video tutorial just for you. You too can have an Upside French Braid with a hair bow.


  • Pump It Up Pin Up 12 of 16

    Stylist, Tamika Fletcher has coined this inverted braid style, Pump It Up Pin Up.  It's a simple and elegant style that offers everyday simplicity.

    Video Tutorial on Natural Resources Salon TV

  • Loose French Braid 13 of 16

    A classic French braid, just with a loose, sideways twist!

    More picture available at Hair Romance.com

  • Upside Down Braid With Pompador 14 of 16

    Classic but a little Rock and Roll. This look is perfect for any length of hair. The braid adds a little element of surprise when you turn around.

    Photo Credit: Getty Image 

  • French Side Sweep Braid 15 of 16

    Simple and understated. One side says "I'm business" and the other says "I like to party".

    Found on Hair Romance 

  • Top and Back Twisted Bun 16 of 16

    This was my New Year's Eve look. Two inverted side braids meet in the back for a low twisted bun and is accentuated with a twisted tuck and roll in the crown.

    Photo Credit: Natural Hair Rules

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