15 Winter Skin Saviors To Stock Up On For Fall

It’s during this time of year that the weather wrecks havoc on my skin. As a result, I like to change up my skincare routine to accommodate for the dryer climate. I switch out all of my oil-free, lightweight summer skincare for my heavier hydrating products, which consist of rich essential oils, such as rose and lavender oil. Don’t forget about your hair! The change in weather effects that, too. Check out the slideshow for 15 of my favorite skin saviors to stock up on this season.

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    From dry cracked lips and flaky skin to a dull complexion and dried out cuticles, find out which 15 skin saviors will keep you glowing all season long. 

  • Nars Monoi Body Glow 2 of 16

    Use a body oil to hydrate the body from head to toe: This decadent oil melts into my skin like butter. Use it right after you bathe, when your body is still damp. This way, it absorbs instantly into the skin. 

    Get it at Nars, $59

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    Use a nightly face oil packed with essential oils for more hydration: It's no secret that I love argan oil ... I keep mentioning that it's one of my favorite skincare products, but it truly is. I layer a light layer under my moisturizer every night, and on occasion in the morning if the weather is extremely dry. I think it's the key to obtaining youthful looking skin.

    Get it at Josie Maran, $48

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    cuticle oil

    Brush cuticle oil on weekly: Don't forget about keeping those cuticles soft and pretty! I work with several clients a day and wash my hands what seems like a 100x a day, so this cuticle oil is a must to maintain my manicures. 

    Get it at Sephora, $12

  • Hourglass N 28 Lip Treatment Oil 5 of 16
    lip oil

    Don't forget to treat your lips daily, preventing them from dryness and cracking: Made from rich essential oils, this lip treatment is like no other. Use it to prime your lips in the morning and as a treatment at night. 

    Get it at Hourglass, $42

  • One Love Organics Skin Savior 6 of 16

    Layer a moisturizer at night: It's named Skin Savior for a reason. This multi-use waterless balm is magic. I have used it for everything from diaper rash, eczema, night cream, hand balm, and more! I use it nightly on top of my face oil to lock in moisture. 

    Get it at One Love Organics ($39 or $68)

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    eye balm

    Don't forget to keep the eye area hydrated: This time of year, you need to pay extra special attention to the skin around your eyes. To prevent those pesky fine lines, keep the eye area hydrated morning and night. Invest in a good eye cream rich in vitamins and essential oils. I love how conditioning this eye balm is. After using it at night, I wake up still looking hydrated.

    Get it at One Love Organics, $48

  • Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist 8 of 16

    Refresh your skin daily: Try using a balancing mist that restores hydration during the day. I always carry a travel size when I fly to keep my skin hydrated in that dry recycled air. I plan to keep one in the nursery, too, for all of those late night feedings.

    Get it at Jurlique, $22 

  • Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Sleeping Facial 9 of 16

    Treat your skin once a week with a brightening mask: The skin can tend to look dull in the winter months, so brighten it up with a weekly face mask. I love the sleeping facial from Korres. My skin has a luminous glow for days after I use it. 

    Get it at Sephora, $48

  • Laura Mercier Soufle Body Creme 10 of 16
    laura mercier

    Butter up that body: Keep your skin ultra hydrated this time of a year with a rich body lotion or cream. I love the whipped Soufle Body Cremes from Laura Mercier. They smell amazing and melt right into the skin. 

    Get it at Laura Mercier, $55

  • Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream 11 of 16
    hand cream

    Don't forget about your hands: Your hands need extra moisture this time of year. I enjoy using a rich cream that coats my skin and lasts for hours. Josie has taken my favorite ingredient and whipped it up into a dreamy hand cream. The light scent of vanilla and apricot is refreshing to use throughout the day. 

    Get it at Josie Maran, $22

  • L’Occitane She Butter Foot Cream 12 of 16
    foot cream

    Don't forget about your feet: I am guilty of not buttering up my precious feet before bed, unless I got a pedicure that day. What better reason to get pedicures more often? Seriously though, try keeping a foot cream in your night stand and lathering up those feet before you slip under the covers. 

    Get it at L'Occitane ($12 or $28)

  • Ren Microbead Purifying Facial Polish 13 of 16

    Exfoliate those dead skin cells: You want to keep fresh new skin at surface level. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to deeply cleanse and purify the skin. I love the gentle exfoliant in this Ren cleanser. 

    Get it at Sephora $35

  • Origins Incrediable Spreadable Body Scrub 14 of 16

    Exfoliate the body: Same thing goes for your body! Keep those limbs smooth and soft with a body scrub 2 times a week. 

    Get it at Origins, $29

  • Alba Cream Shave 15 of 16

    Switch to a cream shave: Have you ever run out of shaving cream and used your hair conditioner as a temporary replacement? Well, if you haven't, it feels amazing. However, my conditioner is too precious to waste conditioning my legs daily, so I switched to a cream shave and have never gone back. This mango vanilla scent is AMAZING (FYI: Trader Joe's makes a knockoff that I buy regularly).

    Get it at Alba Botanica, $6.99

  • L’Oreal EverPure Deep Restorative Masque 16 of 16

    Treat your locks: With the weather changing, it's important to keep those locks smooth and soft. A good haircut at the beginning of the season can do wonders, but keep it healthy with a conditioning hair mask once a week. I swear by this L'Oreal mask. The minty scent is glorious, but more importantly, my hair looks like silk all week long.

    Get it at Drugstores, $8.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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