25 Amazing Products with Marine Extracts

Marine extracts including sea algae, seaweed, microalgae, and sea kelp offer a variety of cosmetic benefits from anti-aging to soothing rosacea. For more about these miracle gifts from the sea, visit my post Beauty Ingredients Demystified Marine Extracts. I’ve researched a wide range of sea algae-infused skin and haircare items including creams, cleansers, toners, masks, shampoos, and conditioners. Click through the slideshow to discover 25 amazing products with marine extracts.

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  • Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer $90 2 of 26

    This hydrating cream contains alguronic acid from microalgae to stimulate cell rejuvenation.
    Found on Birchbox.

  • Astara Exfoliating Marine Treatment $50 3 of 26

    After exfoliating with glycolic and lactic acids, this product delivers a healthy dose of minerals with red seaweed and other marine extracts.
    Get it at Dermstore.

  • Thalgo Plasmalg Marine Gel $24 4 of 26

    This product contains mineral-rich marine algae to purify skin and calm breakouts.
    Available at SkinStore.

  • La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Tonic $95 5 of 26

    Vitamins, natural oils, and marine extracts combine to nourish and oxygenate skin, promoting smoother, younger-looking skin.
    Learn more at La Prairie.

  • The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream $16.50 6 of 26

    This product combines wild-harvested seaweed from Ireland with oil-balancing technology for skin that is soft without feeling greasy.
    Pick it up at The Body Shop.

  • Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment $40 7 of 26

    This firming eye treatment contains extracts from two unique types of algae to provide minerals and promote firmness.
    Available at Kiehl's.

  • Phytomer Seaweed Soap $20 8 of 26

    Treat your entire body to this exfoliating cleansing bar with marine extracts.
    Found at DermStore.

  • The Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Conditioner $16.89 9 of 26

    Bladderwrack seaweed and Moroccan argan oil combine to nourish and moisturize hair naturally.
    Get it at Drugstore.

  • La Mer Creme de la Mer $285 10 of 26

    A famous favorite among Hollywood celebrities and beauty editors, this luxurious moisturizing cream contains "Miracle Broth" made with fermented kelp.
    Learn more at La Mer.

  • NOW Solutions Clarify and Illuminate Age Transformation Moisturizer $24.99 11 of 26

    The brown algae extract in this moisturizer claims to restore the youthful appearance of cells in 4 weeks.
    Available at Drugstore.

  • Phytomer SeaTonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream $60 12 of 26

    This cream contains marine ingredient saccharide, which helps smooth and firm skin while stimulating connective tissue regeneration.
    Get it at DermStore.

  • Perlier Mediterraneum with Sea Extracts Super Nurturing Body Cream $16.99 13 of 26

    This rich lotion features nutrient-rich golden kelp and skin-rejuvenating extract of alga bruna laminaria for an indulgent treat for your skin.
    Found on Beauty Encounter.

  • Dermalogica After-Sun Repair $32 14 of 26

    Seaweed extracts and botanicals soothe skin and repair damage caused by the sun.
    Available at DermStore.

  • 3Lab Perfect Glow Complex $95 15 of 26

    This brightening complex contains algae-derived Astaxathin from the Mediterranean Sea, which protects skin from free radicals.
    Pick it up at Barneys.

  • Pevonia Botanica Aromatic Seaweed Bath $28 16 of 26

    Detoxify your skin with this amazing soak full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
    Found at DermStore.

  • Lush Aqua Marina Facial Cleanser $13.95 17 of 26

    Aloe vera and nori seaweed combine for an ultra-gentle, softening cleanser. This unique product comes wrapped in sheet of nori seaweed.
    Learn more at Lush.

  • Bumble & Bumble Seaweed Conditioner $22 18 of 26

    Seaweed, sea kelp, and spirulina boost elasticity, add shine and manageability, and hydrate hair.
    Pick it up at Sephora.

  • Sea Flora Eye-Sea Relief Serum $55 19 of 26

    Red firms and tones while brown algae repairs skin cells in this highly concentrated organic eye gel.
    Available at Sea Flora.

  • Indigena Sea Mineral Mist $28 20 of 26

    Spritz this hydrating mist with seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, organic tea, and aloe on your face any time you need a pick-me-up.
    Found on Indigena.

  • The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Shave Cream $25 21 of 26

    Keep the discomforts of shaving at bay with this soothing shave cream with sea kelp and light aromatic essential oils.

    Available at Sephora.


  • Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate $60 22 of 26

    The high concentration of Dead Sea minerals in this product boost skin's ability to hold moisture for younger-looking skin.
    Found at Ahava.

  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub $25 23 of 26

    This exfoliating scrub contains carrageenan, a red algae extract that promotes firmer skin, as well as a hydrating marine blend of wakame, sea lettuce, and fennel.
    Found at H2O+.

  • L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift Complete Day Cream $17.99 24 of 26

    This anti-wrinkle treatment cream is fortified with pro-retinol A and criste marine extract to speed cellular turnover and firm skin.
    Pick it up at Drugstore.

  • Jason Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo $6.69 25 of 26

    Natural sea kelp provides nutrients and weightlessly moisturizes hair in this smoothing shampoo.
    Buy it at Vitacost.

  • CND Marine Cooling Masque $25.75 26 of 26

    Reenergize tired tootsies with this great clay-based mask infused with moisturizing sea extracts.
    Get it at Beyond Polish.

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