25 Beauty Pinners You Should Be Following

If you’re anything like me, when you’re looking for information on the best beauty products of hair and makeup inspiration, the first place you look is Pinterest. It’s like a virtual magazine of tutorials, product reviews and more…right at your fingertips. I can’t get enough. BUT, in order to make sure the best beauty inspiration is popping up in your feed, you must first make sure you’re following inspiring beauty pinners, which is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorites. Here are 25 beauty pinners you should totally check out!

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  • Eat.Sleep.Wear 2 of 26
    While all of Kimberly's Pinterest boards are compelling, I could seriously stare at the loveliness of her "Beauty" board for an hour. It's a great jumping off point to start looking for great beauty inspiration.

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  • P.S. – I made this… 3 of 26
    I adore P.S. - I made this... for all the wonderfully inspiring and innovative ideas, and their "P.S. - Be beautiful..." board is much the same. Truly innovative beauty ideas.

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  • Refinery 29 4 of 26
    Refinery 29 is a fabulous site and I love how they curate so many great trends and weed through them to share only the best. My favorite of their Pinterest boards - "Beauty" - is in that same vein - totally cool and perfectly curated. Perfect for the girl looking for fresh-faced chic.

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  • The Beauty Department 5 of 26
    The Beauty Department is perhaps my favorite beauty source on Pinterest for completely obvious reasons. All the boards are filled with beauty related amazingness, although I am particularly smitten ith their "DIY board", because who doesn't love a little bit of DIY beauty?

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  • Lucky Magazine 6 of 26
    True story: Lucky Magazine is the only magazine that I subscribe too. Even with all the great beauty mags out there...they sometimes just get a bit overwhelming, because they're filled with nothing but products, so how can I really know what will work best? I love Lucky because they curate their magazine with only a handful of beauty favorites, since that's not the sole focus of the publication. This is why I love their Pinterest boards - it's the best of the best. You should totally follow their "Beauty Beat" and also their "Hair Look Book" boards.

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  • Birchbox 7 of 26
    Birchbox is all about introducing it's customers to new products, so obviously their "Hair + Products We Love" board is a must follow for staying up to date with great new products.

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  • InStyle Magazine 8 of 26
    InStyle magazine has a lot of great Pinterest boards, but my favorite is their "Nail Polish!" board. Even though I'm not really the greatest at doing my own nails, I still love being inspired by other people's pretty nails!

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  • Glitter Guide 9 of 26
    The Glitter Guide is a wonderful source for inspiration of all sorts and their "Beauty Inspiration" Pinterest board doesn't disappoint. All of the Glitter Guide beauty faves can be found right here.

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  • Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo 10 of 26
    Unless you've been living under a rock, you know who Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo is, and you probably also know about her awesome hair series she shares over at her blog. This is why I consider her "Hair" board to be a Pinterest must-follow. Check it out!

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  • Toyas Tales 11 of 26
    If your beauty leanings are more towards things of the natural persuasion, then you'll love Toya's "Oh You Make Me Blush - Natural Makeup" board. So many lovely, fresh faced beauties in one board. I'm obsessed.

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  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily 12 of 26
    Drop Dead Gorgeous has a ton of great must-follow beauty boards, but with the current braid craze, their "Braidy Bunch" is one you should be following right now.

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  • Lauren Conrad 13 of 26
    Lauren Conrad just seems like someone you would want to be friends with because she seems totally approachable, much like her Pinterest board "Primp". Lots of great, step-by-step, simple and approachable ideas and tutorials for even the most beauty challenged among us.

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  • Bergdorf Goodman 14 of 26
    Looking for high fashion beauty and style inspiration? Then check out Bergdorf Goodman. Their "Coiffed" board is pretty great.

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  • Mrs. Lillien 15 of 26
    Mrs. Lillien has a such a fun style and aesthetic, with a bit of a retro glam twist, which makes her a fun pinner to follow. I love her "Beauty Beauty Beauty" board.

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  • StyleCaster 16 of 26
    StyleCaster is a good follow for all things perfectly on-trend. Their "Give Good Face" board is an inspiring place to start.

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  • Allure Magazine 17 of 26
    I'm a sucker for seeing what other people's favorite beauty products are, so it's no wonder that I love Allure's "Editor's Favorites" board on Pinterest.

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  • Glamour Magazine 18 of 26
    Who doesn't enjoy getting a little extra fancy when date night rolls around? Glamour's "Date Night Makeup Ideas" board will provide you with a plethora of fun ideas.

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  • Into The Gloss 19 of 26
    Into The Gloss is definitely one of my favorite beauty sites so I obviously follow their Pinterest board. Check out their "The Makeup" board for inspiration.

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  • Real Simple Magazine 20 of 26
    Real Simple speaks my language as a mom. I don't have all day to devote to beauty anymore, so I need the best of the best and I need it fast. Real Simple is a great Pinterest follow because they get that and their boards are filled with wonderful time and money-saving tips to make your life better. Check out their "Real Simple Finds: Favorite Hair and Makeup Looks" board.

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  • Bri Emery of Designlovefest 21 of 26
    Bri Emery's eye for design definitely extends into her Pinterest and her "Nice Hair!" board is filled with totally unique and arty hair inspiration. LOVE!

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  • Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere 22 of 26
    Emily always looks perfectly pulled together, but never too done up, which is something I am working to perfect. This is why I follow her "Beauty" board - to learn from her stylish ways.

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  • The Everygirl 23 of 26
    The Everygirl's "The Everygirl Primps" board is full of pretty and approachable beauty inspiration - definitely worth perusing.

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  • Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam 24 of 26
    All your beauty inspiration needs in one board can be found at Jill's "Hair/Makeup/Nail Ideas" board. Go be inspired!

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  • Jill Seiman of Glamamom 25 of 26
    A fellow Babble Beauty Blogger, Jill is a mom, so she totally speaks my beauty language. Her "Beauty" board is filled with fantastic tips and tricks (many from her own posts) to help you achieve a beautiful you - mom or not!

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  • Lauren Hartmann of The Little Things We Do 26 of 26
    OK. Shameless self-promotion here...I know, but I couldn't possibly do a post about pinners to follow without including myself, now could I? Make sure to check out my "Beautify" board for inspiration and tips from my own posts as well as others that I find totally approachable even for the beauty novice.

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