25 Girls Hairstyles for Back to School

Already? Can it be? Yes, it’s back to school time once again! My son starts in about three weeks, and I’m excited to go shopping to get him ready for the upcoming year. If you have a daughter (or two, or three…) you are probably also thinking about how to style her hair. Well, no worries. I’ve got you covered. I scoured the internet and found 25 adorable girls hairstyles that cover a range of hair lengths and skill levels. Choose a style from the slideshow and make your daughter’s “first day of school” pictures extra special!

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  • Climber Pigtails 2 of 26

    This style is super easy to create and it's super cute.
    Get the tutorial at Girly Do Hairstyles.

  • The Twist 3 of 26

    This pretty look can be finished by continuing the twist braid or with side bun.
    Found on Yet Another Beauty Site.

  • Puffy Braid and Twist Braid 4 of 26

    This cute latticed puffy braid keeps the hair out of your little one's eyes and is finished with a fun twist braid.

    Found on Shaunell's Hair.

  • Puffy Braid Hairband 5 of 26

    This braided band is perfect for little girls (and their mommies!)
    View the how-to at Measured By the Heart.

  • Chain Links 6 of 26

    Create hair chains with knots as a clever and cute way to style your girl's hair.
    Follow the steps at Girly Do Hairstyles.

  • Quick French Twist 7 of 26

    An grown-up hairstyle made girly with the addition of a fun rope braid.
    See how it's done at Princess Hairstyles.

  • Puffy Braids to a Braid 8 of 26

    Don't know how to French braid? No problem! Use this tutorial for a similar look that requires less dexterity.
    Found on Babes in Hairland.

  • Braided Princess Crown 9 of 26

    This braided crown is made extra special with the inclusion of a pretty ribbon.
    Get the how-to on Cup of Jo.

  • A Braid In a Braid 10 of 26

    If you can do a simple 3-strand braid, you can create this super pretty style.
    Learn more at The Story of a Princess and Her Hair.

  • The Bow Bun 11 of 26

    Your little girl is a gift, right? Reason enough to top her off with an adorable hair bow.
    Found on Small Fry.

  • Waterfall braid 12 of 26

    Waterfall braids are a little tricky but not as hard as they look.
    Find the step-by-step at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

  • Tuck and Wrap Ponytail 13 of 26

    Make her ponytail a little fancier with this quick and easy twist on the classic style.
    Watch the video at The Story of a Princess and Her Hair.

  • Dutch Lace Braided Headband 14 of 26

    A braided headband is super adorable and can be done on a variety of hair lengths.
    The tutorial is available at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

  • Hair Wrapped Bubble Ponytail 15 of 26

    This bubble ponytail is so fun and wrapping the bands makes it look clean and chic.
    Learn how at Babes in Hairland.

  • Cornrows and Twist Out 16 of 26

    I love the look of cornrows on little girls, especially just at the front hairline. Don't be intimidated if you've never done them, cornrows are just small French braids.
    Check it out on Beads, Braids, & Beyond.

  • Short Hair Pigtails 17 of 26

    These little bow shaped pigtails can be done on little girls with bob-length hair and are perfect for the first day of school.
    Get the how-to at Girly Do Hairstyles.

  • Twisted Crown 18 of 26

    A rope braid wrapped around the head makes the most adorable crown!
    Follow the instructions on The Blue Closet.

  • No-Heat Cocoon Curls 19 of 26

    Using a curling iron on a squirmy kid can be downright dangerous. Try this no-heat method for pretty waves.
    Found on Cute Girls Hairstyles.

  • Ponytails With Twist Braids 20 of 26

    Who doesn't love a little girl with two ponytails? Adding a twist on each side is a quick way to add an interesting visual element.
    Learn how it's done on Shaunell's Hair.

  • Top Knot With Headwrap 21 of 26

    Get your little one in on the headwrap trend by pairing one with this super simple and adorable top knot.
    Read all about it at The Blue Closet.

  • One Elastic Bow Ponytail 22 of 26

    You only need one elastic hair tie to create this fun hair bow.
    Found on The Story of a Princess and Her Hair.

  • Half French Braid Wrapped Ponytail 23 of 26

    This pretty ponytail is sure to make your mini-me feel extra special.
    Get the how-to on Babes in Hairland.

  • Simple Knots 24 of 26

    This style looks so fancy but it's actually comprised of simple knots.
    The tutorial is available at Girl Do Hairstyles.

  • Side Flat Twists 25 of 26

    If your daughter is a little older, she may prefer a style with a little more sass like these fun side twists.
    Check it out at Cute Girl Hairstyles.

  • Messy Top Bun 26 of 26

    This momma uses her favorite tutorials to style her daughters' hair. The accessory makes this bun extra girly.
    Get inspired at The House of Smiths.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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