25 Shiny and Sparkly Hair Accessories for Party Season

It’s party season and time for party hair! And nothing says party hair like pretty, shiny, sparkly hair baubles glimmering from your locks. Whether sprinkled throughout a fancy updo, holding one side up, or surrounding the crown of your head, pretty hair accessories are the finishing touch to your party look for this holiday season.

I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite hair accessories from glittered headbands, to lacy bows, brooches, and barrettes, to crystal clustered clips, crowns, and combs from my favorite online boutiques, as well as a few DIYs you can make for a fraction of the cost. Flip though the photos below to shop and/or get inspired to make your own!

  • It’s Party Time! 1 of 26

    Flip through 25 Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly Hair Accessories for this Party Season!

  • Lacy Bows & Ribbons 2 of 26

    This pretty sparkly lacy bow topped with a little black bow has just the right amount of '60s charm. It's not wildly expensive, but if you look closely, you'll find you can easily make this yourself!


    Johnny Loves Rosie Lace Bow Hair Clip $18.69 at Asos

  • Dripping with Jewels 3 of 26

    Be the belle of the ball in this pretty hair crown, dripping with blue jewels and purple rhinestones. I LOVE this one!


    River Island Muli Jewel Grand Slam Hair Crown $26.70 at Asos

  • Classic Bling 4 of 26

    Just the right amount of hair bling that ensures this party girl has class.


    Oasis Jewelled Hair Clip $14.24 at Asos

  • Rhinestone Bow 5 of 26

    A pretty and simple rhinestone strand in the shape of a bow makes this hair brooch pretty and demure.


    Bow Hair Brooch $7.12 at Asos

  • Hair Party 6 of 26

    Thes smaller, assorted hair gems may be my favorite! A little reminiscent of the late '90s, I love them scattered throughout a pretty braided or messy low updo.


    Jewel Brooch Hair Clips $26.70 at Asos

  • Crystal Clusters 7 of 26

    Just so pretty. I love all the color combos, but the emerald tones and black shades are my favorite for this party season.


    Crystal Crush Bobbi $25 each at Ban.do

  • Jewel Tones 8 of 26

    Ooh, I love the emerald stones mixed with the gold on this headband. It's very regal.


    Jewel Cross Headband $16.02 at Asos

  • Get Wired! 9 of 26

    I love this wired chiffon or lamé scarf which can be worn tied in a bow, wrapped in a rosette, in your hair, around your neck, and even as a bracelet ... the gold metallic is my favorite, but all the colors are fun!


    Twist Head Scarf $20.00 at Ban.do

  • Garden Crown 10 of 26

    I love this pretty floral garden crown because the colors remind me of all my grandma's earrings and brooches from the '50s, but with a fun new spin.


    Pretty Garden Tiara  $44.50 at Asos

  • Pearled Spin Pins 11 of 26

    This is actually genius! Have you tried these hair spirals? They're brilliant at holding buns and top knots in place without using any other pins or elastics. I love that this one is tipped with a pearl. I'd grab a few for a pretty updo!


    Faux Pearl Hair Jewelry $3.80 at Forever 21

  • Glittered! 12 of 26

    Sure you could DIY this simple and pretty large glittered headband on your own, but then you'll also have glitter all over your house for days and leave a little trail of pixie dust every where you go ... on the other hand, that's totally cute.


    Big Shot Sparkle Headband $20 at Ban.do

  • Ballerina Bling 13 of 26

    Spruce up your bun like the ballerinas used to with this pretty jeweled bun wrap.


    Jewel Bun Holder $14.24 at Asos

  • Sets of Three 14 of 26

    Easy does it with this limited edition set of three pretty jewel tones rhinestone hair pins. Wear them as shown, or peeking out from the edges of your bun.


    Limited Edition 3 Jewel Hairgrips $17.80 at Asos

  • So Regal 15 of 26

    I adore these gold and black regal hair pins because they remind me of Dolce & Gabbana — and are under $5!


    Regal Hair Pin Set $4.80 at Forever 21

  • What a LOVEly Bow 16 of 26

    A bold choice, but this LOVEly velvet bow comb reminds me of the LOUD and fun Lanvin necklaces seen on the fall runways.


    Her Curious Nature Love Bow Comb $8.90 at Asos

  • Looping Sparkly Circles 17 of 26

    From my own DIY archive, this looping circles hair ribbon also make a great necklace, belt, curtain tieback and more.


    Click through for the easy tutorial: DIY LOOPING CIRCLES HAIR ACCESSORY

  • Retro Classic 18 of 26

    A classic headband with a '60s twist, I love this pretty black headband with large rhinestones and matching earrings. Yes, they come as a set!


    Bejewelled Headband & Earring Pack $19.22 at Asos

  • Bejeweled Elastics 19 of 26

    Spruce up a simple pony with these pretty bejeweled elastics.


    Rhinestoned Bow Hair Elastic $2.80 at Forever 21

    Jaguar Hair Elastic $4.80 at Forever 21

    Deepa Gurnani Bronze Ponette Set $$36.00 at Shopbop

  • A Little Edge 20 of 26

    Just a pretty and simple sparkle headband to hide withing your locks. Wear it with your hair down or as part of an updo.


    Johnny Loves Rosie Headband With Embellished Crown $28.48 at Asos

  • Fascinating! 21 of 26

    A fun and festive mix between a headband and a fascinator, you will definitely stand out if you arrive at any party with this pretty floral topper and be guaranteed to have a blast!


    Johnny Loves Rosie Floral Splay Headband $19.58 at Asos

  • Rhinestone Headband 22 of 26

    A pretty rhinestone headband for a fraction of what you can pay for one of these. This one is quite pretty and I'm sure does the job just as well.


    Rhinestone Headwrap $6.80 at Forever 21

  • Gatsby 23 of 26

    With a hint of deco '20s, this pretty embellished head piece stands out from the rest.


    Marie Hayden Side Applique Headband $88.00 at Shopbop

  • Panther Tiara, RARR! 24 of 26

    A cross between a crown, tiara, and headband, I love the dark rich colors of this pretty hair accessory which SCREAMS "let's party!"


    Panther Tiara Headband $44.50 at Asos

  • Go BIG or Go Home 25 of 26

    A cross between classic and gaudy, go BIG and go BOLD with this crystal button inspired party barrette.


    Johnny Loves Rosie Jewel Cluster Hair Slide $21.36 at Asos

  • DIY Party Combs 26 of 26

    From my own DIY collection, this pretty bejeweled comb is simple to make for under $10 and makes a great gift for girlfriends as well!


    Tutorial: DIY Pretty Bejeweled Hair Combs

    Tutorial: Gold Leaf DIY Hair Comb

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