25 Super Cute Kid-Approved Nail Art Designs

Nail art is such a fun trend for both kids and adults. I’ve found some really cool designs that kids will absolutely love. Any of these would be fantastic for a themed party or event. Be the coolest mom on the block by sporting these looks on your own nails or by creating mini masterpieces on theirs. Check out these non-toxic polish options if you are leery of chemicals. I hope you enjoy these 25 really creative kid-approved nail art designs as much as I do.

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  • DC Superheroes 2 of 26

    I love the use of the symbols, because you kind of have to be in the know to know which superhero they stand for. I am, are you?
    Found on JeeA Lee.

  • Disney Princess Nails 3 of 26

    What little girl (or big girl…) wouldn't love these adorable iconic princesses?
    Check it out on Favnails.

  • Halloween Monsters 4 of 26

    Boo! My favorite holiday is fast approaching. Maybe some spooky nails will be in my future.
    Watch the how-to on I Have a Cupcake.

  • Despicable Me 5 of 26

    Who doesn't need a minion or ten?
    Get inspired at Mini Nail Blog.

  • Hello Kitty 6 of 26

    This little cat from my childhood has really made a comeback in recent years! I like the idea of just accenting one nail with the kitty and doing the rest with polka dots.
    Found on Nail Stories.

  • Robots 7 of 26

    How fantastic are these colorful robots? Cool enough for moms or kids.
    Check it out at Mr. Candiipants.

  • Spongebob and Patrick 8 of 26

    Parents may have mixed feelings about these two invertebrates, but it's pretty much a universal truth that kids love Spongebob.
    Get inspired at Simply Rins.

  • Frog Prince 9 of 26

    Little girls and boys will love this super cute design inspired by The Frog Prince.
    Found on Cute N Easy Nail Designs.

  • Cut the Rope 10 of 26

    This game app starring a little candy-munching monster is fun for kids and adults.
    Learn more at Adventures in Acetone.

  • Winnie the Pooh 11 of 26

    There are plenty of Pooh nail designs on the web, but this one stood apart. I love the use of just the ears and tails and that the style is reminiscent of original Pooh illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard.
    Follow the how-to on Ooooo Shiny!

  • Lady Ballerina 12 of 26

    Your little tutu-clad ballerina would love these pretty dancing shoes!
    Learn how it was done at It's All About Nails.

  • D is for Dinosaurs 13 of 26

    This dino manicure in fun bright pastel colors would put a smile on any kid's face.
    Found on Polish Pals.

  • The Missing Piece 14 of 26

    I absolutely love this clever nail design inspired by the classic Shel Silverstein book.
    Read more about the inspiration behind this manicure at Chalkboard Nails.

  • Clouds & Smiley Faces 15 of 26

    This is just adorable and easy to recreate or re-imagine.
    Get inspired at Nail Juice.

  • The Zoo 16 of 26

    Got an animal-lover in the family? Try painting these cute zoo critters on their nails … or yours!
    Found on Adventures in Acetone.

  • Magic Kingdom 17 of 26

    These nails capture the magic of Disneyland in a cute, simple design.
    The tutorial is found on Cartoon Doll Emporium.

  • Rainbows 18 of 26

    These awesome rainbow nails remind me of my own childhood.
    Watch the how-to video at Flaunt Me.

  • The Avengers 19 of 26

    My son would love these cool Marvel character-themed nails starring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk.
    Found on Shizznizzle.

  • Disney Cars 20 of 26

    Does your kid love Lightning McQueen? Make his or her day with this fun manicure.
    Learn more at Polish Art Addict.

  • Monarch Butterfly Wings 21 of 26

    I love the simplified design of these pretty butterfly wings and the use of my favorite color — orange.
    Get inspired at Nearly Natural Nails.

  • Silly Monsters 22 of 26

    These fun little monsters would be adorable on your little one's fingers.
    Found on Nail Art Pretties.

  • Comic Book 23 of 26

    Bright colors and black and white iconic exclamations make this manicure fun for kids and parents alike!
    Check it out at Kelsie's Nail Files.

  • Hearts on Stems 24 of 26

    This colorful design is sweet enough for a child, yet sophisticated enough for an adult.
    Get the how-to at Dressed Up Nails.

  • Angry Birds 25 of 26

    Creating a funny little angry bird just on one nail saves a lot of time and looks less busy.
    Watch the video on Looking Fancy.

  • Pokemon Pikachu 26 of 26

    These nails come together to create adorable Pikachu. So creative!
    View the tutorial at Cute Polish on Youtube.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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