25 Unique Ways to Create Beachy Waves

It’s starting to feel a little bit more like summer is on its way here in the Midwest. I hope it’s warming up in your area too. When I think of warm weather, I think of easy, breezy wavy hair. Unfortunately for me, my hair is super straight.

I love the look of loose, beachy waves and in researching this article, I have found there are lots of ways to create them. Here are 25 unique tutorials to add a little texture to your Spring and Summer. Some require heat tools, others time and each creates a slight variation on the wavy texture theme. Click through to find the technique that appeal most to you.

  • 25 Unique Wasy to Create Beachy Waves 1 of 26
  • Beachy Waves With No Heat 2 of 26

    This ingenious tutorial gets you amazing waves overnight. It's on my to-do list.

    Get the how-to on Pretty Gossip.


  • Pretty Simple: Beachy Waves 3 of 26

    Loosen your curling iron curls to create more laid back wave.

    Find the tutorial on Camille Styles.


  • How to: Beachy Waves 4 of 26

     Love the look of this barely-there texture and this tutorial comes with its own DIY beach spray.

    Learn more at Obaz.


  • Lessons From the Pros: Big Messy Waves 5 of 26

    I absolutely love this tutorial from a professional stylist and the resulting waves.

    Found on Nastygal.


  • Encouraging Your Waves 6 of 26

    Use duckbill clips to encourage your natural curl pattern in this easy DIY.

    Get the tutorial on The Beauty Department.


  • Beachy Hair Tutorial 7 of 26

    This video tutorial shows you how to use a curling iron to create undulating waves.

    Watch the video at Barefoot Blonde.


  • Elizabeth Olsen Barely Waves Hair Tutorial 8 of 26

     Inspired by Elizabeth Olsen, this how-to will give you ultra-subtle texture.

    One of many great tutorials on The Small Things.

  • How to Get Perfect Beachy Curls 9 of 26

    This tutorial will show those of you with naturally wavy hair how to de-frizz and define your natural texture.

    Find out how on Cup of Jo.


  • Weekend Hair: Barely There Waves 10 of 26

    Manipulate braids to get this awesome barely-wavy look.

    The tutorial can be found on Bella Mumma.


  • Beach Curls Tutorial 11 of 26

     This gorgeous, full head of waves was created with a diffuser and a pearl wand.

    Find the how-to video on Cara Loren.


  • Messy Chunky Beach Waves 12 of 26

     All you need a some product and a flat iron to create these random, messy waves.

    Get the technique at The Wonder Forest.


  • Soft Beachy Waves 13 of 26

    This technique uses a tapered clipless iron to create big, soft waves.

    The how-to is on Love Maegan.


  • How to Get Perfect Messy Beach Hair 14 of 26

    If your hair already has some wave to it, these great tips will help maximize and define your waves without using heat styling tools.

    Learn how at My Flare Lady. 


  • Romantic Waves Bridal Hair 15 of 26

     If you prefer a more polished look, this tutorial will teach how to create soft, big, clean waves by brushing out a curl set.

    Found on Bridal Musings.


  • Beachy Waves 16 of 26

    This pretty style is achieved with a large-barrel curling iron.

    Get the tutorial on Cupcakes and Cashmere.


  • How to Style Beachy Waves 17 of 26

    This super quick and easy technique uses a flat iron and large sections to create a pretty, loose wave.

    Found on A Beautiful Mess.


  • Paper Towel Curls 18 of 26

     Use paper towels to create these messy curls with this overnight no-heat method.

    Learn how on Epic Thread.


  • Does Pinterest Know Everything? 19 of 26

    This creative tutorial is a spin on a technique seen on Pinterest. I love the easy, barely there texture of these waves.

    The tutorial can be found on Oh So Pretty: The Diaries.

  • No Heat Curl Headband Tutorial 20 of 26

    Another creative way to get great tousled waves while you sleep.

    Get the how-to on The Paper Mama.


  • Messy Waves 21 of 26
    20 (2)

    Here I show you a super-fast and easy way to get loose messy waves using a diffuser.

    Get the 4-1-1 on Parlor.


  • Natural Waves for Fine Hair 22 of 26

    Use simple braids and a blowdryer to get this gorgeous low-key texture. This is a great technique to give more life to fine hair.

    The tutorial can be found on The Beauty Department.


  • Mermaid Hair 23 of 26

    This tutorial shows you how to use a handy waving kit from Kevin Murphy.

    Learn more at Treasure and Travels.



  • Beachy Hair 24 of 26

    Ok, I'm going to overlook the envy-inducing bikini sequence because I really do like the techniques she uses to create this tousled beachy look. Using a t-shirt for scrunching is solid advice for frizz-free waves.

    Watch the video at Tone It Up.


  • Katias Ridiculously Easy Wavy Hair Tutorial 25 of 26

    I absolutely love this simple technique to create waves using twists and the resulting everyday style.

    Found on Birchbox.


  • Sleep On It: French Braids to Beachy Waves 26 of 26

     Remember taking your hair out of braids as a kid to find it full of amazing waves? Well, it still works.

    Get the how-to at Oh So Pretty: The Diaries.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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