3 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now!

jergens natural glow new

I LOVED the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers when they first came out a few years ago. I loved the natural color and glow they added to my skin and the safe tan I’d have in just a few days. I loved that it was so perfectly gradual that it never stained my skin or left me with orange spots. I LOVED the firming aspect of it and it became the only lotion I’d use on my legs if I was wearing a skirt. It didn’t make the cellulite go away per se, but it definitely firmed the skin on my upper thighs and gave the illusion that they were smoother than they were.

But the scent was ATROCIOUS. It was so bad that I’d apply it hours, if not the night before, I had to be somewhere and hope the scent wore away before leaving the house. But the product was so great I continued to use it even though I hated the scent.

I’m SOOOOOO excited that they have now released the same fabulous product without the hideous odor. I smell a teensy hint of the original odor in one of the lotions more than the other, but just barely. Overall I’m jumping for joy over this product. The new fragrance is far less pungent and is much better smelling overall. I use the “firming” on my legs and the daily moisturizer on the rest of my body. I love love love it and it’s perfect for Summer!

* Find all the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers here or at your local drug store.

lavanila vanilla perfumes

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that my go-to scent is always Vanilla. I really can’t stand to wear any other fragrances because they make my head ache, but I will try almost any vanilla scented perfume on the market.

I’m not sure how long it’s been {judging the old packaging, I’d say a few years}, I picked up a LAVANILA LABORATORIES Pure Vanilla perfume at Sephora and loved it. It’s a bit warmer and richer than most vanilla scents, so I use it a little more sparingly than others, but I have about 1/4″ of a bottle left as you can see in the photo above. What’s great about vanilla scents is you can mix them with other vanillas as well as other food-type of scents {also referred to as “Gourmand” scents with “edible” or “dessert”-like qualities} So when a PR company emailed me asking if I’d like to sample Lavanila’s Vanilla Blackberry scent, I couldn’t resist!

One of my first favorite vanilla scents was by Bath and Body Works called “Vanilla Berry” and OMG IT WAS SO DELICIOUS I bought it in bulk. And then one day they discontinued it, like they do all great things. And I’ve never found anything to replace it. I was eager to try this new vanilla blackberry scent hoping it would be in the same vanilla-berry family I once knew. It’s not the same, however, I do LOVE the fragrance. It’s a light but warm vanilla scent with a hint of a berry note coming through, but it also has a sort of mysterious spiced note to it {and reminds me of walking into The Psychic Eye on Ventura blvd.}. Though it’s different than I expected, I really like it… and I like that I can mix it with my other vanilla scents to add a hint of mystery without giving myself a headache. The roller-ball version gives the perfect amount needed to enhance my other vanilla fragrances {and the sleek bottle and design is beautiful as well}.

* Find all Lavanila Laboratories products here

3LAB serum cream

When I was in my early twenties I used gobs of face creams and eye creams to prevent aging. Of course then I didn’t really need them, but I liked using them. But as I aged, all of the creams I’d been using prior and any new products I’d try would break my skin out. So I traded lines and wrinkles for clear skin. Now that we’re living in an insanely dry environment, I find my skin parched after washing it at night and need creams just to feel like my face is not going to crack and break off if I make the slightest movement, let alone smile.

The “The Line” from 3LAB, including The Cream, The Serum, and The Eye Cream {not shown} was among the many creams and beauty serums I’d been sent to try and just never got around to it {mostly due to the fact that I didn’t “need” any then}. It’s actually been a blessing to have these all on hand as I am in dire need of them now and I just open my bathroom cabinet and have a slew to unwrap and try. After I depleted my last gifted creams by Juara from my last 3 Beauty Products I’m loving right now feature, I found the 3LAB products and gave them a try.

There are two basic things that make or break facial moisturizers for me. One is the fragrance. I cannot stand a strong perfumy scent in a face lotion. Cannot stand. Mostly because I apply it right before I go to bed, on my face… so if it’s a really strong smell ON MY FACE, it’s impossible for me to focus on anything else, let alone sleep. The second is whether or not it makes my skin break out. If I like the scent and feel and it doesn’t break my skin out, it’s a winner for me. I don’t really ever expect a lotion to change the makeup of my skin and/or erase my age, so if any of those benefits come, it’s an added bonus.

The 3LAB line is all really soft and luxurious feeling on my skin. I LOVE the scent and I love the way it feels and it’s ridiculously hydrating. I’ve been using these two products {haven’t tried the eye cream yet} for a few weeks now and I just love them.

* Find the 3LAB Line here

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