3 Easy Hairstyles for Girls That Are Perfect for Back-to-School


A lot of parents tell me that when it comes to styling their daughter’s hair, they feel hopeless. Like any other skill, working with hair just takes a little practice. With back-to-school upon us and the holidays around the corner, it’s a great time to add a few styles to you repertoire. It’s best to start with simple looks and work your way up to more intricate braids and updos. In this post, I’ll walk you through three super easy hairstyles for girls to get you started. If you can tie a knot or make a ponytail, you can follow these guides and create some super adorable looks — all perfect for the first day of school!

Kids’ hair is particularly difficult to work with because it tends to be fine and flyaway with plenty of tangles. It’s important to use a great conditioner and/or detangling spray and apply a little pomade to make it easier to work with. Alternately, it’s much easier to work with hair that is slightly damp, so try these styles after they’ve showered or lightly mist strands with a spray bottle filled with water. You’ll also need some small hair elastics, a few bobby pins, and a brush … so gather your supplies and let’s get started!

Look #1 – Faux Braid


This pretty pigtail is similar to a braid but the strands are adjacent, forming an upside-down heart shape. No braiding skills are required – the entire style is created by tying ponytails.

1. Create a ponytail. Add a little pomade or styling wax.

2. Divide the ponytail horizontally into two even sections.

3. Secure a second band about two inches down from the head on the top section only.

4. Separate the hair vertically between the two bands and pull the bottom section through. Now the bottom section is on top. Repeat to the ends and tie off with a final band.

Look #2 – Knotted Back Bangs


Little girls always seem to have hair falling in their face. Use this technique to pin the front back in a really pretty and unique way.

1. Section away the front above the forehead and apply pomade or styling wax.

2. Divide into two equal sections.

3. Tie in knot by crossing the strands and folding one under, just as you would tie a knot with string. Cross and fold again to create a second knot and repeat to the desired length. Tie off with a small hair band and pin to the side with bobby pins.

Optional: Hide the pins with a pretty hair bow.

Look #3 – Half-up Bow


1. Grab two small sections from the front sides, near the temples. Run pomade or styling wax over each.

2. Cross and fold to tie, just as you would tie a shoe.

3. Continue as though you are tying shoelaces to create the bow and pin in place with bobby pins.

Tip: Weave bobby pins up and down, crossing two pins behind the bow to secure.



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