3 Ways to Get Rid of Beauty Products You Don’t Use Without the Waste

My hair and beauty products are overflowing out of my bathroom and into my bedroom, closet, and second bedroom. My stash that I affectionately call my “beauty supply store” is transforming into a marriage of Sephora and Hoarders. Popular beauty blogger Afrobella calls this “Sephoarders” for this very reason.

At least once a year, I have to clean out the beauty supply store to make room for more goodies. If you’re anything like me, you hate for any products to go to waste. Here are a few clever ways to clean out your personal stash:

Swap Party

You can have a party specifically for swapping hair and beauty products, or it can be an added bonus for an already planned gathering. In the natural hair community, we have regular meet-ups. At these meet-ups, we learn about haircare and new hairstyles, in addition to hosting product swaps. If you have a product that didn’t work for your hair that I’m interested in trying, you can swap it out for something I have. Sometimes in my case, I’ve tried everything, so I just leave my products for other people to trade and swap.

Let Your Friends and Family Take Them

I actually bring products to family gatherings for my loved ones to claim a hot new product. I give the women in my family the opportunity to pick products that they want. It’s like Christmas come early. I brought some products to a barbecue recently, and one of my friends actually squealed when she saw a new product that she wanted to try. It’s my way of making dreams come true!

Donate Gently Used or New Products To Charity

For the last few years, I’ve volunteered at local women’s shelters. Many shelters have wish lists that include toiletries and hair products. Perfumes and other beauty products are also appreciated. One of the charities I work with provides hairstyling and makeovers for a group of women in shelters. It’s always nice to donate items that will help them maintain their makeovers.

Do you have a special or clever way that you share your beauty products?

Tamara Floyd is the Founder and Editor of Natural Hair Rules.com, a site dedicated to encouraging others to be who they are naturally. Visit anytime at www.naturalhairrules.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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