4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are often overlooked, forgotten, and just plain neglected. They are easy to forget about with eyes and lips hogging all the attention. But well-groomed eyebrows can really dramatically change your look. Brows truly do frame your face, as Kate reported last month in her post on the importance of filling in your brows. Creating your own perfect set is super quick and easy when you have the right tools. Click through the slideshow for the 4 easy steps to perfect eyebrows, along with shaping guidelines and product recommendations.

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  • Decide On a Shape 2 of 12

    These are the five most common and, in my humble opinion, most flattering eyebrow shapes. In general, I prefer to just clean up what momma gave me, but if you like one of these more than your natural shape, go for it! Just be aware that in general, straighter brows look best on longer face shapes and high arches look great on wider face shapes.

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    If you don't trust your ability to create a shape on your own, you can always have them professionally shaped or purchase a set of eyebrow stencils. Place the stencil over your eyebrow and fill with and eyebrow pencil or shadow and pluck everything outside the line.
    Anastasia Classic Stencils are available at Sephora. $20

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    Now that you've decided on a shape or chosen a stencil, where exactly should these eyebrows land above your eyes? Your eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of your eye, the arch should be slightly beyond your iris, and the end should be in line with the bottom outside curve of your eye.

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    Here is my before picture. As you can see, my brows are pretty sparse and aren't doing much for me.

  • Shape 6 of 12

    You have all the knowledge now to create your eyebrow shape. You can use an at-home waxing kit, but I prefer to pluck mine.

  • Trim 7 of 12

    This step is totally optional but I prefer to trim my brows or a more even appearance. Simply use an eyebrow comb or brush to direct hairs beyond the line you've created and trim any hairs that extend past line. Since brows grow upward and downward, you will need to do this in both directions.
    Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush are found at Tweezerman $20.

  • Tools of the Trade 8 of 12

    This little brow box by Urban Decay is a super convenient tool for creating the perfect brows. It contains two eyebrow shadow colors, eyebrow wax, two applicator brushes, a mini tweezer, and two mirrors one regular and one magnified. I used the tweezers from this kit to shape my brows and the brow powders and other tools to complete the look.
    Urban Decay Brow Box in two shade combinations can be purchased at Macy's. $29

  • Fill 9 of 12

    I highly recommend a kit that comes with two eyebrow shades so that you can customize your look for day or night. Here I have combined two colors to create a nicely defined look that is appropriate for daytime. Using a slanted eyebrow brush, start filling your brows from the arch down and then come back to the front. Light, feathery motions make more natural looking brows, so be careful to not use too much pressure.

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    You can really see the difference that filling your brows can make after I have applied the brow powder to only one eyebrow.

  • Apply Wax 11 of 12

    Using a second slanted brush, apply your brow wax to keep hairs neatly in place. Alternately, you can spray an eyebrow brush with hairspray and swipe hairs into place.
    e.l.f. Brow Comb & Brush is available at Drugstore. $1.49

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    Voila! It's finished. I know there were a lot of tips, guidelines, and products featured in this posts so just to recap, your 4 easy steps are: 1. Shape 2. Trim 3. Fill 4. Wax.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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