4 MAC Cosmetics Beauty Products I’m Dying to Try

There are so many new and amazing beauty products on the market right now that I’m just dying to try. For instance, I recently found Konjac Vegetable Sponges, which look wonderful, but I haven’t had a chance to pick them up just yet.

MAC Cosmetics has some of the absolutely best makeup, beauty products, and tools on the market. Makeup artists swear by them time and time again, and here are a few recommended products I’m just dying to try.

4 mac products

1. 44 Faux Lashes $16
Unlike regular lashes, these fun lashes come in separate bundles so you can add them just to the edges of your lids for that pretty winged look. I like that they’re larger than Individual Lashes, but not as large or as fake-looking as a full set.

2. Cheek Applicator $12
This just looks fabulously lavish. It’s like a mini spatula made for precisely applying gels, creams, and liquids with its flexible rubber-like tip.

3. Softpoint Sponge Applicator $19
I have heard amazing things about these little hot pink sponges, which are apparently inspired by the shape of crayons. I usually just use my fingers, but I have a feeling this little guy will blend my foundation and creams in much better!

Abby just did an entire post about how the pink teardrop-shaped Beauty Blender can replace all other makeup brushes! I wonder if these similar-looking sponges will work the same?

4. Prep + Prime Skin $30
I’ve never tried a primer, as I simply use a moisturizer, but I always wonder about primers as they are supposed to improve the application and smoothness of foundation and/or powder. I wonder if it would help that mid-day foundation “crack” I get around my nose and between my eyes?

Have you tried or use any of these products on the regular? How do you like them?

What’s on your list of beauty products and tools to try?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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