4th of July Nails | Dots & Sparks Manicure How-to

A red, white, and blue manicure for the 4th of July is the EASIEST way to add a bit of patriotism to your holiday weekend wardrobe. Flags are an awesome but obvious choice, and simply alternating solids of red, white, and blue polish didn’t have the flash I was looking for. Last year I created red, white, and blue Tie Dye Nails for the 4th but this year I wanted a little more care-free fun feel. I opted for red and blue dots with a chunky silver glitter top coat to add a little spark! Click through the photos below to see how I did it.

  • Red, White, and Blue Nails for the 4th of July 1 of 11

    Go to to see more finished photos of my nails.

  • What You’ll Need… 2 of 11

    Red, White, Blue, and Silver Glitter Polish and a Nail Art Dotting Tool

    You can also use a toothpick, though it's not as precise.

  • Step One… 3 of 11

    Apply two coats of white nail polish to your nails and let dry.

  • Step Two… 4 of 11

    Dip your dotting tool into your blue or red polish. I chose to just grab some from the brush, but you can also pour a little lacquer into a small dish.

  • Step Three… 5 of 11

    Beginning at the base of your nails and with the largest dots, carefully create a burst-like effect with smaller dots near the tips of your nails. I alternated red and blue nails and did one entire color at a time.

  • Step Three… Continued 6 of 11

    You may create your dots any way you like. Some of mine turned out better than the others, but it's meant to look festive, not perfect.

  • Step Four… 7 of 11

    Clean off your dotting tool with nail polish remover.

  • Step Five… 8 of 11

    Move on to your next color and pick up polish with your dotting tool.

  • Step Six… 9 of 11

    Repeat your dotting technique on alternating nails in alternating color.

  • Grab Your Glitter… 10 of 11

    Your dots should look a little something like this. They're cute without the glitter as well but lack the SPARK!

  • Step Seven… 11 of 11

    Apply your chunky glitter more generously at the base and finer at the tips. I used this as my top coat. And Voila! You're Patriotic!


    Find more photos of my nails with and without the glitter finish at

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