5 Creative Uses for Clear Lip Gloss

I remember stock piling on clear lip gloss when I was in middle school. I had to have at least 3 different tubes to choose from. It was practically an extension of my right hand.

I don’t know about you, but clear lip gloss has become the least important, least coveted, makeup products for me in the past 10-15 years. I could simply do without it. As I was wandering the makeup section the other day, my eye caught a tube of lip gloss and I remembered a few of the other reasons why I loved it so much back in the day.

5 Creative Uses for Clear Lip Gloss

1. It makes a great “base” for any kind of glittery eyeshadow. You wouldn’t want to use it across the whole lid, but if you were simply looking to add some dark, black glitter on top of a cat eye, clear gloss will act like double sided tape.

2. It can be used on your eyebrows to groom stray hairs.

3. You can even run it against your lashes (clean or with mascara) to “ink-up” your lashes a bit.

4. If used strategically on your lips (in the center), you can make your lips look fuller.

5. This one might be a stretch, but if you have a hangnail, or a cracked cuticle, a little dab of clear gloss can help “moisturize” that area until you can get the proper ointment on it!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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