5 Easy Vacation Beauty Tips

I always tend to overpack when I am heading out of town on vacation. I plan out all of the beautiful outfits I’m going to dress up in and different ways I am going to style my hair. The truth is I usually end up only wearing about half of what is actually in my suitcase, and when we are headed somewhere tropical I live in my swimsuit and a sunhat. The one thing I have gotten down is my vacation beauty regimen. After years of being a “professional traveler” and beauty junkie, I have narrowed down the must-have products while traveling abroad. This list of  beauty tips is more geared for a tropical vacation.

1. Less is more: The less makeup you wear on a tropical vacation, the better. Let  your sun kissed skin and beachy air-dried hair speak for it self.

2. Fab 5: tinted moisturizer, concealer, cream blush, mascara and lip gloss are all you need in your makeup bag while traveling somewhere tropical. Lighten your load and keep it simple.

3. Hydration: The sun and surf wreck havoc on your skin so make sure to moisturize morning and night. I layer on my eye cream at least 3 times a day when I’m traveling and I step up my moisturizer to something a little heavier for nighttime recovery. Try adding a hydrating mist to lock in moisture and refresh your skin throughout the day.

4. Hair Treatment: This is the perfect time to use a hair mask. In fact, your hair is probably screaming for it! I tend to wash my hair more frequently when I’m on vacation and swimming doesn’t do it any favors. I condition with a hair mask every night instead of my regular conditioner. If your hair gets too weighed down, try using one 2-3x on your trip. Your hair will thank you later. I also use a detangler conditioner throughout the day. My hair appreciates the extra TLC from all the salt water and pool chlorine.

5. Protect: Most importantly reapply SPF throughout the day and wear a large sunhat to protect your face. If you want to avoid looking like a dried up raisin I suggest you take this advice to heart.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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