5-Minute Eyes in Four Easy Steps for Dark Brown Eyes

Pulling off eyeshadow looks after an urgent trip to the doctor, full day of work, and back to school night should hopefully illustrate that grabbing yourself a few pretty products to play up your eyes can seriously do wonders. Even after a very long day, I did find that completing each look helped revitalize me.

If you’re like any of my friends, you probably look at the eyeshadow palettes and go, “Okay. I have 4 colors. Now what?” If you’re anything like me, you look at some of the more sophisticated eyeshadow beauty images on Pinterest and say to yourself, “That’s pretty, but a bit much for work.”

I picked out two palettes that pretty much go with any season and a variety of occasions, featuring grays and earth tones. If you’re looking to build up your collection of colors, that’s the best place to start. They’re the most practical for everyday use and very simple to put together, so you save time and look great.

If you’re running out the door, here’s how to create a 5-minute eye in four easy steps.


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    These two palettes are perfect, especially if you have dark brown eyes: L'Oreal's Cookies & Cream and Maybelline's Enchanted Forest.

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    Here's my eye in all its bare glory. I have an almond-shaped eye, fairly large lid, a bit of a protuding eye, and very thin eye lashes. A little bit of makeup goes a long way on my kind of eye. This is what happens when you go to art school and focus on portrait painting. You really learn your face. If you're not sure what your eye type is, here's a great article by Beautylish.

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    Cookies & Cream is just one of the beautiful colors found in the Colour Riche collection. The compacts are perfectly suitable for many different occasions. No primer needed. The colors last all day.

  • L’Oreal Cookies & Cream 4 of 7

    The Cookies & Cream palette by L'Oreal is divided into four shades, which: 1. Color 2. Brighten 3. Contour 4. Define.


    Step 1. Apply the lighter gray to your lid.

    Step 2. Apply the brightener to your brow bone. The brightener should not be detectable if you're going for a natural look. It's merely to open up that area and enhance your brow's arch.

    Step 3. Blend the contour color into the crease for depth. I typically do not go too heavy with this because I have what are called "protuding eyes." When it comes to eyeshadows and how-to's, one size does not fit all. You have to play around with what looks best and what you feel most comfortable with.

    Step 4. Define your eye with the darkest color. You can create a simple cat eye like illustrated here or you can explore different looks.


    Now apply mascara and you're done! I used Mary Kay's Love Lash for my lashes and Anastasia Brown Powder Duo in Dark Brown for eyebrows.

  • Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow in Enchanted Forest 5 of 7

    This color combinati0n is one of my favorites when it comes to earth tones. It's so pretty for fall. The entire ExpertWear Eyeshadow Collection includes a mix of beautiful classic colors that never go out of style!

  • Maybelline Enchanted Forest 6 of 7

    For a more earthy look, I picked Maybelline's Enchanted Forest. Since I personally like a black liner, this would be more of a day look for me. Similar to Cookies & Cream, this has four colors, which: 1. Color 2. Brighten 3. Contour 4. Define.


    Follow the same steps. Color your entire eye lid, brighten your brow bone, contour the crease, and line your eyes. Add a bit of mascara, and you've completely transformed your eyes while still looking natural.

  • Sephora Brushes 7 of 7

    I also wanted to add that I do not use the little sponge applicators that come in each palette. They do not blend your colors well and break easily. Get yourself a nice brush set. It doesn't have to be a makeup artist set but something that will last a while, like this Sephora set.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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