5 of Vanessa Williams’ Favorite Beauty Products

Award-winning actress and singer Vanessa Williams revealed her beauty secrets to Babble earlier this summer at a Clear Eyes® event in New York City. Also known for her beautiful eyes, Ms. Williams was approached by the brand to become a spokeswoman after they saw her work with The Eye-Bank, an organization through which her family donated her father’s corneas after he passed away. The partnership she told me, makes sense on many levels as health and beauty are hugely important to her.

Ms. Williams was very candid about her desire to take good care of her skin and avoid going under the knife. She admitted to being very experimental with beauty products and treatments:

“We’re in the age of technology and there’s a new machine for everything. Let’s hope I never have to go under the knife because there’s so many machines that can tighten and firm and stimulate. They’re getting better and faster and more efficient. Everything is preventative now so it doesn’t have to go that next level. As long as I stay on top of technology, I’m good.”

One such treatment Williams’ swears by is microcurrent facials, and proudly told me she owns her own machine. While a home microcurrent machine may be beyond your reach, her other beauty tips and tricks are not. When I asked Ms. Williams about her favorite go-to products, I was surprised to learn they’re all easily accessible and affordable.

Click through for 5 of Vanessa Williams’ favorite beauty products and her explanations why:

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  • ReVitalistic Re-start Skin Serum 2 of 6

    "A great serum smooths you out and helps give you a consistent tone."

    Get it here.

  • per-fekt 3 of 6

    "I've been using per-fekt for years. It was around long before BB creams came out. It's great for moms if you don't want to wear liquid makeup and certainly not cream to just go out but you want to make your skin look flawless."

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  • Clear Eyes 4 of 6

    "I use Clear Eye for work. If no one is looking at me, I don't care [laughs] but being in front of cameras, in the studio, or on video, especially if there are any special effects, or even on stage because I have harsh lightening on me. When I'm shooting, sometimes I won't get to my scene until 2 am and I have to look like it's 10 am. It's refreshing, clears you up, and makes you look fabulous."

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  • blinc Mascara 5 of 6

    "blinc Mascara with the tube is my favorite mascara. You don't have the flakiness or droppings beneath the eye but it comes right off when you cleanse at the end of the day."

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  • Albolene 6 of 6

    "If I need to do detailed makeup removal, I use old Albolene. Cheap, easy, and available."

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For fans of Ms. Williams’s music, you’ll be thrilled to learn she hopes to get back into the studio sometime soon to record more music, which she tries to do every three to four years. In the meantime, she’s enjoying her starring role on Broadway in The Trip to Bountiful, opposite the incredible Cicely Tyson and Cuba Gooding Jr. The play was extended through August and Williams is fiercely proud, “It’s a really interesting and important piece of American theatre and this ensemble has been fantastic. The whole experience has been great. Of course working with Cicely Tyson is a dream.”

It was a bit of a dream for me to meet Williams. I kept flashing back to 1992 listening to Save the Best for Last on my Walkman. Fortunately, she was incredibly warm and professional. She complimented my earrings and offered to take photos when I nervously got up to leave. It was an honor to sit down with her one on one and learn more about her down-to-earth beauty routine.

Event photos via Mark Von Holden/AP Images for Clear Eyes®.

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