5 Products You Should Try From Oribe

I remember first discovering Oribe products through my monthly Birchbox.

I received the dry texturizing spray in a box and immediately fell in love. I used it like I would a dry shampoo to add texture and a little bit of grit to my hair without weighing it down.

Since my love began for Oribe products, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a few other popular products. I find myself most drawn to the aerosols since I loved the texturizing spray first, but I also would love to get my hands on some shampoo and conditioner!

Here is a little gathering of 5 products worth looking into if you want to give Oribe a try!

  • Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray 1 of 5

    This is a great product for anyone with natural waves in their hair, or for people who want to encourage any kind of texture. It's hydrating and softening without being too heavy. It has just enough "waxiness" to give the hair a little bit of a tousled look without being sticky.

    Buy it at Birchbox.com for $35.00

  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 2 of 5

    I'm a big fan of this texturizing spray. It's sort of like making your freshly clean hair feel like "day 2" hair. It will give it a tiny bit of hold, absorb some oil, but still leave you with a full texture.

    Buy it at Birchbox.com for $39.00

  • Oribe Royal Blow Out 3 of 5

    This blow dry spray is wonderful for smoothing down flyaways and helping your hair dry with shine and manageability. It's light, smells great, and it will shave some time off your blow dry, too.

    Buy it at Birchbox.com for $48.00

  • Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray 4 of 5

    I'm usually pretty skeptical about humidity sprays. The beauty of this one, besides the pleasant smell, is that it will block humidity from ruining your style (both from frizz and flatness) without adding extra weight.

    Buy it at Birchbox.com for $19.50

  • Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream 5 of 5

    If you have thick or unmanageable hair, this shine cream would be a great product to try. Not only does it make your hair look good, but it does good things for your hair too.

    Buy it at Birchbox.com for $49.00

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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