5 Summer Beauty Habits to Continue This Fall

Fall weather is just around the corner. Well, not where I live, but for most of the rest of the country, people are thinking about pulling out their boots, jeans, leggings, sweaters, and scarves. And with fall comes a whole new set of beauty routines and habits, including finding ways to tame hat hair, battling frizz on rainy days, and changing out makeup to compliment a different set of clothing. (Those things are still true, right? I lived in New York like ten years ago, so I only vaguely remember what seasons felt like.) It also means, often, that some of summer’s beauty routines get left out where the bath suit and beach toys rest for the season.

I’ve collected what I think are the five summer beauty habits to continue this fall. I’d even go as far as to say that many of summer’s beauty habits are great — for your overall self-esteem, health, and looks — and should be continued throughout the entire year.

What summer beauty habit do you see yourself throwing out? Which ones do you think you’ll continue?

  • Five Summer Beauty Habits to Continue this Fall 1 of 6

    There is no shame in giving your self a little break now and again. But don't take the whole fall and winter seasons off of your summer-ready beauty routine. Don't skimp out on the following habits to continue feeling summer beautiful year-round.

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  • Sun Protection 2 of 6

    When the sun goes away and we start covering up, it is easy to forget that we still need to wear sun protection. Sun protection isn't just for preventing cancer, but it helps decrease signs of aging as well. Wear sun protection on your face, neck, and hands during the fall and winter months.

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  • Full Body Moisturizing 3 of 6

    Sure, you still moisturize your face each night and rub some lotion on your hands to prevent cracking. The rest of your body often gets neglected now that it's being covered up with long pants and tops. Give your body the moisture it needs by moisturizing every day after your shower. Your skin will rejoice and, come next summer, you'll be happy to see those legs again.

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  • Pedicures 4 of 6

    Boots, flats, loafers, pumps ... they all come out in the fall, and open-toed sandals, flip flops, and peep-toe heels get put in the back of the closet along with the need to primp your peds, right? NO! Don't neglect your toes just because they will likely not get seen. Regularly (and correctly) attended tootsies are less likely to get infected, get a foot fungus, or get ingrown toe nails. Also, am I the only one that visits a place where you have to take your shoes off as soon as I decide NOT to get a pedicure?

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  • Shaving or Waxing 5 of 6

    Now, I'm sure not everyone is in the shaving/waxing camp ... but continuing your shaving or waxing habits into the fall (even if it is slowed down a tad) will go a long way in the self-esteem department. Keep up a shaving routine so that you don't have to worry about long leg hairs poking out of your brightly hued tights. Or, hey, when fall cuddling turn hot and heavy, be able to get down to the skivvies without another thought!

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  • Exercise and Diet 6 of 6
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    The idea of getting outside or going to the gym to exercise when it is wet or cold is never super appealing to me. Comfort foods also tend to come out a lot when the weather starts to get cooler. The need to have toned arms and legs for my shorts and sleeveless tees is waning as I layer up. There are plenty of excuses to not continue the diet and exercise habits I so carefully try to abide by over the summer. Even if the sleeves and pants are longer, the effects of a good diet and exercise habit are seen. Also, keeping up these good habits throughout the year keeps you from needing to cram for a summer-ready body next spring.


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