5 Tips for Embracing Hair That You Are Growing Out

il_570xN.423829416_ibxk As a hairstylist, I watch hair trends start and finish. I can usually predict when there is a shift in the most desired style, and that is typically based on what celebrities are doing with their hair.

Long hair has been a trend for a while now. I’m starting to see a slight turn toward shorter, sassier haircuts, but if you are still in the growing-out process, here are some tips to keep you from getting chopped!

5 Tips for Embracing Hair That You Are Growing Out

1. Change your part. The simple act of changing your part, either to the center, or from one side to the other, can make you feel like you have an entirely new ‘do!

2. Try new products. Experiment with different products to get a new finished look. Look for texturizing sprays, shine serums, or even a flexible hairspray. Products are game-changers with a lot of styles, so it may be refreshing to spice up what you use in your hair.

3. Add a bang. Consider asking your stylist to cut a side bang, or maybe even a full fringe, to change your hairstyle. While this may be more of a commitment, it might help you push through the “awkward” length.

4. Buy a new hair accessory. A headband, or even colored bobby pins, can be a nice addition to a plain ponytail. Think outside the box with how you can work a new hair accessory into your hair, and try adding it to a variety of styles.

5. Get a regular trim. Even though you are growing out your hair, it’s really important to keep your ends snipped. And don’t underestimate the power of a trim. Sometimes you may feel like you need 5 inches off in order for you to love your hair again, but a simple trim may do the trick!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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