5 Ways to Change Your Hairstyle Without Sacrificing Length

Itching for a change but don’t want to lose any length? Well, you aren’t alone. Many of my long-haired clients are reluctant to cut their hair shorter. I get it; some people almost have an emotional attachment to their hair. It’s like a security blanket of sorts. Boyfriends and husbands also tend to be a factor, often pleading with their partners to keep their hair long. Having some length is versatile too, especially for women who like to wear their hair up on occasion.

That said, sometimes a girl just needs to switch it up! No one likes to feel bored with their hairstyle. Believe it or not, there are some simple ways to re-imagine your ‘do without chopping it all off. In this post, I’ll share 5 painless, low-commitment ways to change your hairstyle without sacrificing length.


Switch Your Part

A lot of people resist this and yes, it will feel strange at first but it’s a good idea to periodically switch your part regardless of needing a change. Why? The hair at the part is exposed to the elements more and the hair there can often become more damaged. Some people even start to lose hair at their part. Additionally, the skin at your part is exposed to the sun more than the rest of your head. Changing your part can help prevent potential sun damage.


Fringe, Anyone?

The fringe section of your hair generally starts at the top of your head and extends down to your forehead in line with the arches of your eyebrows. Changing this area can drastically change your look without changing the overall length of your style. If you don’t have bangs, think about getting them. If you do, change the way they fall or grow them out. You can try straight across bangs, short retro-style bangs a la Betty Page, long sweeping bangs, etc.


Alter the Layers

Most long hairstyles include some layering. If your hair is all one length, considering adding some layers. They lighten up a style and give it movement. There are many ways to layer … they can frame your face, add lift at the crown, or give all-over texture. The length of your shortest layer can vary, changing your style from nearly blunt to a rockin’ shag. Ask your stylist for ideas on how to change up the layering for a new look.


Add or Change Your Color

Color is a fabulous way to shake things up without the involving shears. If you are color shy or know you won’t be timely about touchups, try ombré or balayage highlights; neither need as much upkeep as traditional highlights. A demi-permanent color is another great option that will fade gradually over time but keep in mind it’s always easier to revert back to your natural color if you go lighter as opposed to darker. If you are wanting even less commitment and a bit of sass, try adding a temporary streak of color (example in the fringe section) with hair chalks, color wands, or a cleverly placed extension.


Change Your Wave Pattern

If you have been flat ironing, blow drying, or perming your hair straight, now is the time to let your natural wave do its thing. Not only is texture hot right now, but its so much easier in the summertime. Get a great anti-frizz curl product and just let it air dry. If you have straight hair like me, ask your stylist for a cut that encourages wave, invest in a great curl-enhancing texturizing product, and try diffusing, twisting, or round brushing to encourage curl.





Article Posted 4 years Ago

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