6 Beauty Tips and Tricks You Need to Know: Put Your SELF First

Beauty_Babble_FabulousBeautyTipsandTrickstake1There are tidbits of beauty and self-care wisdom that seem to float in and out of my days on a regular basis. I read them on the pages of a magazine, I pin them on Pinterest, hear about them from a friend, and see them on TV or (as you are about to do) on a YouTube video.

Some flit right past, and I never think about them again. I think, “Ohhhhh, I should really TRY THAT…” It could be a new cream, a technique for eliminating wrinkles, or the best ways to combat frizzy hair, tearing cuticles, and under eye circles, but unless that is your most pressing problem or someone has convinced you it will definitely work, it probably doesn’t resonate, right? There is just so much advice. Who has time for it all?

Well, don’t you worry. I’ve been collecting and trying out information for years (and years), and I’m an expert at trial and error. I have a bathroom full of discards as proof (my husband would be happy to testify). What this means for you is a massive time saving. In the video below, I’ve shared six of my very favorite beauty tips and tricks. And even better, there will soon be yet another video with SIX MORE of my extra favorites. These are the bits of wisdom that have saved me time, made a massive difference in my routine, or changed my beauty life in some way. Enjoy!

6 Beauty Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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Now tell me, what would you add? What trick do you use daily or weekly? What beauty tip was your big “a-ha” moment, and even better, who shared it with you? I’d love to know.

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