7 Easy Ways to Cover Your Roots at Home — Without the Mess!


Roots. If you are one of the 3 out of 4 women in America who color their hair you’ve experienced them. New growth can be annoying, especially if any percentage of gray hair is a factor. The more you have, the more noticeable the line marking where your colored hair begins and your new growth starts.

Hair grows at an average rate of one-half inch per month, meaning that within four weeks most women will have a full inch of visible roots along their part. For some women, new growth is obvious and bothersome within a couple weeks. While the hair color industry is thriving, a lot of women find it difficult to find the time (and money) for such frequent salon visits.

Nearly all of my clients complain about the inconvenience. A couple have even toyed around with the idea of throwing in the towel and just going gray. Don’t get me wrong; gray hair can be lovely but I would rather it be a decision made by preference, not because of time restraints.

A few ways to stretch out color include adding highlights to break up the line and make grow out less noticeable, to go lighter to more closely match the shade of your newfound grays, or to apply a semi-permanent color at home to your new growth between permanent color touch ups. Another relatively new solution gaining popularity are root cover-up products. This hair “makeup” is applied to your new growth just along your part and hairline for a quick and easy temporary fix.

In addition to camouflaging grays, many of these products can be used to blend roots into colored hair that has no gray, touch up highlights, and fill in thinning areas for a fuller look. They blend away the strip of new growth that seems to scream “I dye my hair!” with just a few swipes of a brush or applicator, extending the life of your color service.

It’s important to note that as will any hair product, there is texture to these products that some people find unappealing. If you are worried about stickiness or wish to fill in thinning areas, try a powder or aerosol formula. Cream and pen formulas dry matte and cover well, but do feel a bit heavier and should be kept off the scalp. In my experience, product transfer is minimal but if you don’t shampoo at night, you may want to sleep on an old pillowcase just in case

Whether you think you’d use a temporary color product religiously once grays appear or occasionally to spiff up for an important meeting or event between touch ups, I think they are well worth the investment. I did my homework and found the seven best options on the market with the highest ratings and percentage of positive reviews. Click through the slideshow below to learn more about each and where to find them.

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